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Saturday, May 15, 2010

emptiness rising

the feeling is emptiness
the part of us that is missing
the meaningless nothing that everything becomes
the reason we want more
too much emptiness and
grab your pills and your booze
jam the ipod in and the dvds
grab anyone and do anything crazy
find something to fill
the emptiness
that new car feels like it fills
but then it doesnt
and the new friend feels
but then they dont
and soon its everywhere
the truth is
we are empty
we are the essence of emptiness
the void the unfillable despair
we think there must be something wrong because
we feel empty
surely humans arent empty
we are filled with emotions and feelings and thoughts and actions
we are not supposed to feel
but we are
when the universe became it came from emptiness
there is no explanation given
just the fact that from nothing came everything
the human is the mechanism of life
the machine of the flesh
the human has those qualities
the human cannot experience emptiness
for that is the death of the flesh
the end of function
the opposite of reproduction
that is the engine of the form
to reproduce without ending
filling the untold emptiness
but the being does not have any of these qualities
the being that inhabits the body is the awareness of emptiness
you feel it when you are empty
the minute you stop trying to fill that emptiness with stuff
the being emerges
we become filled with emptiness
and have no need to accumulate the human baggage
to be full
for that full is just covering up the emptiness
not filling it
only more emptiness can fill the void inside
for in the emptiness is the SAT
the void of meaning
the genesis of conciousness is the unconciousness
that descends into the being
creating the waves of energy the chit
that brings the ananda
the transformation of awareness into dense bliss
the SAT is the emptiness rising
through every thing we think our lives are
the SAT fills it with unknowable empty awareness
for what we are we cannot know
we can only stop everything and
be the emptiness within

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