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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

divine - that which never changes

the light of mans aspiration is never unnoticed. the path is always prepared for every soul. the way to the divine is before each seeker and is always available for their movement, their decision. its is where the way seems the darkest or the lightest. for the way is the pain and the freedom. the way is always through the darkest despair, and is always the highest joy, those are always clear. it is the other ways that get confused. for everything is a puzzle to the soul filled with attachments. You feel the gut pulling and the heart rending and the frantic frenzies and the angry destruction, all are the traps of the vital, the human nature. all want you to create more and feel more. people search for a way to rid themselves of the reckless and restless feelings, but instead of releasing them they grab onto new feelings, new actions, new religions filled with the beliefs that hold everything down with their weight. and everyone is filled. and wants never to be empty. the lucky soul is the one that is empty. when there is a shock to the system, and the person feels that everything is meaningless and nothing matters anymore, then the person is ready for the truth, the ultimate wonder, the grace that never adds but only en-light-ens. for it is the emptiness that fills us when everything else is shed and gone. the end of attachments, the end of beliefs, the end of knowledge that has no meaning but to hold back the unknowable. shed the layers upon layers of useless feelings, imagined pains, remembered reasons, all the stuff that holds you in its weight, the unsupportable mass of what has been thrust upon and gathered in situations where it seemed helpful, or helpless or necessary or reasonable. each one, another added weight to keep the always empty truth from being known.
once there is nothing left, you are ready for the truth, not before. once you can let your feelings and your thoughts stop revolving around everything you have and are attached to, even if its only for a short while, then you can have the truth begin to empty the rest. for the true entry to the kingdom, is through the eye of the needle and not one thing can there be except the soul bare and emptied of this world things, if one would want passage where no human baggage can go. the life we live, holds, grasps, clings, its the gravity of the wanting, needing, desiring that keeps the spirit in the body. we come wanting to touch everything, experience everything, be everything, there is no end to the needing, for there is the great separation of the soul from the divine that is always empty. and the new personality is desperate to make that feeling disappear. for where in the human is this feeling coming from, the stomach, the sex, the mind, where, fill it, fill it, it makes me feel hungry, depressed, helpless. but it is not the human that feels the emptiness, the human needs are easily satisfied, the body wants only to eat enough to live, a little activity to stay healthy and the ability to reproduce, and in that companionship there are the beginnings of the accumulation that eventually becomes a flood of need and desires. For here the personality, which is the formation of the spirit connecting to the senses and experiencing the physical energies, so rich and sweet with sensations and laden with potential to be fulfilled with what is the purpose of the divine aspiration. but the spirit is empty, its nature is to have no attachments to the human form and the lower vital. but the pull of the interplay of need and satisfaction, the simple act of physical fulfillment feels so much like the fulfillment of divine aspiration that the spirit becomes trapped in the play and it becomes the unending cycles of need, fulfillment and frustration and misery. for there is no eternity in the physical, no unending satisfaction, only the cycles of the physical where change is unending and emotional attachments always triggering in every imagined gain or loss. we fill our lives with the easy wins, the easy victories everyday, the eating and the mental stuffing and the realizations where our trickery and cunning give us an advantage over others in getting these, then its the reproductive drive reward and pleasure and the emptiness that follows, the emptiness that needs to be filled again and again, and everything is that cycle and can never be ended.until the body is filled with the effects of this cycle, the damaged heart, digestive system, reproductive organs, the brain all damaged from abuse and overuse, from the affects of millions of gratifications and losses, the angers and the frustrations and the misery as everything we try to fill ourselves with changes nothing, and the emptiness is still there waiting.
and if somehow, before the end, you can realize, that what is divine is that which is always with you, and you realize that the only thing that is always there and never changes in the midst of all this passion and fury, is the emptiness, behind all things, behind every feeling, waiting in every interaction the unbridgeable despair of the spirit to find the divine in human relationships. there is the divine always, near and true in every situation. the mother of despair, dejection, emptiness where nothing exists.
it is that state that is yours as a spirit, to not be filled with all the stuff of this world and to be free in the state of emptiness, and it is not a negative state, its a state of perfect balance, between the spirit come to collaborate with the human to bring the divine purpose into the unliving matter of the physical plane, the densest region of the universe where the unmoving particles are trapped in eternal bondage of small and large attractive forces. where everything sticks to everything else and the movement is to become static with the force of all things stuck to all things in the final crush of existence. we are living in the period of expansion of the universe, where the divine force has reversed those forces to allow the divine to enter into the unliving matter and bring the divine force into every particle of physical matter so it to can share in the divine expansion, the new revelation of the universe and the unknowable realms from which it has come. when you are empty of the attachments which are the forces of attraction, then the expansion of the divine can move through you and the force of the divine descends, expanding all your consciousness and your connection to all the higher realms of the divine enterprise. for there are levels and levels of divine energies and consciousness preparing the universal manifestation of the purpose and the very real creation of a new super universal singularity that all existence will share in. the emptiness is the passage to the force that brings this awareness into the spirits consciousness and makes the relationship of the human and the spirit filled with meaning and purpose, not the accumulation of matter in the body and mind. become that which is always there for you, the emptiness to the human attachments, the end of the slavery of the human body and the fulfillment of divine awareness that is in everything you see and touch and experience. that which will make all matter part of your consciousness for it will be filled with the same divine force that flows through your divine connection.

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