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Saturday, May 15, 2010

divine deliverance

the foot of my denial is grasped by the hand of my acceptance and i am flung backwards into my conflicted motion and thought.
where the world needs a swift kick i am the deflector of the blow and where the hand reaches to help i block the palm from touching
for the doing is not my task and the person is not the being and the way is not the path or the purpose but the decision of the soul to prevent my intercession. what i do is found out and i am taken to the well of karma for a fishing trip and i am the bait upon the hook for these monsters full of teeth and thrashing fins
action is not of the world and not for the individual. always the realization must be first, the vision of the absolute then the purpose of the action is formed in its mold and has no edges to grasp as it is brought into the physical plane of existence. then the action touches every particle of existence and is motivated only by divine. all else is the work of a handy craftsman, bringing nothing of any lasting meaning to this world and certain to be the object of desire and conflict.
the source of divine deliverance is not in protecting or aiding the ephemeral delusion of suffering or the physical pleasure of flesh. it is the connection to the infinite and absolute qualities of all things and the experience that expands the realization into the bliss that all matter is born from and we as the human beings share.

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