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Friday, May 14, 2010

recounting of the elders

is it the selfishness of the soul
to be foremost in the workings of the individual
for it is the power of the infinite
that drives the force to the being
through the soul and from that
all life is made real in our experience
the people of the soul wander
and the human nature is full of the world
the dramas, the habits, the attachments
to the forms and feelings that hunger and lust
all are the ways of the world
lost through time and forgotten in spirit
where is the yoga of the soul
the worship of the truth
not the recounting of the elders or
what they say is the message
but the words of the souls that have arisen
and beckon us after them
love the lord thy god above all things
and treat thy neighbor as thyself
what words need to be explained or understood
it is the words them selves as spoken that have the force
the reckoning of the spirit with the flesh
all men are seekers if they hear the words they will follow
but the words are lost in the endless hair splitting and explanations
and the lust for power and despotism never ends
where the moneychangers were in the temple
there is the world today
but the temple is in the money and the changers want only more
and that which is mans right by existing in the ananda of matter
is stripped away and the soul left homeless and lost
as the bodies seek only empty union with the flesh

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