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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday tempest full

where there is divine light the body is no longer slaved to the gross nature of the spirits attachments to the pleasure of the senses. the body become the transport and willing partner of the spirit to transform every aspect of its physical nature to support the new structures of the ananda and the supreme mental which uses the human neurological system to express the unfathomable communion of the individual nature with the absolute principles of existence and the unmanifested unknown.

in order to accomplish this the body must be strong and willing, unsaddled with the habits and desires that come from the gross personality of the spirit that is suffering from the delusion of physical obscurity. when this occurs there must be a period of surrender and total letting go of all notions of ownership of any physical part of the system. the spirit is only the companion to the body, using it to bring the SAT Chit Annada to this plane of existence. without the body, the connection to the physical plane where the Chit enters the physical matter cannot be realized and transformed into the ananda of matter. the connection exists but no bliss is created and the forms remain in their inert physical form. truly the transformation of the inert physical to alive consciousness of the matter is essential for the next step of evolution of the spiritual being which is trapped in its ethereal nature and the body which is trapped in its unconscious physical matter. only through the combination of the two can the new evolution take place which is the manifestation of the divine through the dense physical matter.

All must be done and will be done but by what means and through which confluence of influences and unending recombinations of forces and parts of the form is yet unrevealed. on this planet is the potential, for here the spirit takes on the advanced sensory and neurological system of the human developed specifically for this possibility and it has been used for thousands of centuries to create the exact combination of spirit and matter that can release the tranforming ananda to the unbelievably dense matter of the gross planes of existence, for it is when the matter and the spirit find their fulfilled consciousness in total communion with the highest aspects of all existence that the SAT can be released and the true nature of the universe and its manifest meaning will emerge and the dichotomy of the being and the unbeing will no longer obscure the manifest and unmanifest sources. the universe is young and the passage to its completion unknowably long and truly contains the aspect of infinity which is the unknowables face for that which cannot be expressed but only experienced and what is in the gross form the separation of all physical matter through the expression of time and space.

as the experience super cedes the minutia of the physical the experiencer touches the unmanifest absolute and all separation vanishes and the realization of the instant of infinity is enough to change the neurological response forever. from then on the system is prepared for the experience of that which is not in human form and cannot be experienced through the physical neurology but must be prepared in the energetic assembly and its connection to the physical state. as this is prepared the senses become unimportant and the psychic takes the dominant position, here thoughts become abolished unless serving a useful purpose, the intuition, the connection of the psychic to the physical though the human mind becomes the activating force for action and will, all is sublimated to the psychic and its direction either knowing or unknowing to the divine intercession.

once the soul is pointed properly and all human attachments are minimized there the being waits for divine intercession, if the psychic is truly ready, the intercession is swift and immediate when needed. all human qualities are then removed and the prepared and interceded being is struck with the connection, unmistakable to the force of the divine and the constant action of that connection to prepare the spirit and form to create the unknowable manifestation that is beyond the abilities or understanding of the individual to do for its self. here the intercession of the divine force is all that is needed. the individual needs only to conform to the very clear signals that are brought from the connection to the divine. there forces will actively work on the system to eliminate the dependence on human resources and all energies and activities in the body will draw life from the divine forces and not the gross dependence on physical matter.if the human can succeed in following these prescriptions the passage is swift and sure and there is a feeling of great joy and gratitude that encompasses the soul in transformation and a growing sense of awe and realzation as the awareness becomes super mentalised in the human form.

As i wake in the morning of Tuesday, i feel the caress of the force upon me and the dim light of my candle expands to fill my eyes with the warm colors of my meditation hall. the pinks and purples of the walls are soft and melt with a merger all their own with my divine awakening.i suspect the day will be special as they have all been recently, but i feel a loving balance and emptiness after the contraction of the previous day. I slip wonderfully into my streches and warm to my own awareness in the ever increasing light. The breakfast is swift and the preparations for work neat and efficient and i take to my wifes dented honda for passage to my ordained duties and specifically for her lasting support and the security of her human form and its attchments.for myself there is nothing no pleasure taken nor outcome desired, just the performance of my promised roles and responsibilities therein. the work is the same that i have done for the last 15 years in one form or another, create smooth passage for the users of the software and expand the ability of the software to meet their ever expanding requirements. It is a constant process and while it always changes it is always encompassed within those limitations and expectations. on the human side i have shared every feeling and attachment of everyone else i work with at one time or another. the difference is that i do not stay attached or in the delusion that what i am experiencing has anything to do with my spiritual being that is here to do a divine mission that is still being revealed even now as i am truly in communion with the divine and being transformed into her instrument.
i now have a greater awareness of the effect my nature and my realizations have on the souls around me and actually to the degree that i apply this to my work, the quality and output of my labors. For i now understand perfectly what is required of me in every interaction and do not hesitate to bring up what that is. I respond to the individual signals of the situations and can bring to bear upon them my now greatly expanded capacity for arriving at the correct response or activity needed to generate the most favorable outcome for the task and the expectations of those is like the play of children and the compassionate care of the loving adult that helps them through the experiences that have not been integrated into the childs life until that moment when there is need for the loving hand of the parent.
i take on a task that is slightly outside of my responsibilities but is necessary for a favorable outcome that will affect both myself and greg and complete that by the time the lunch hour is half past. the day is overcast in fact, in the morning unusual rain, for this month is by far always dry, was falling but had cleared to cloudy by midmorning. I went straightaway to my walk and it was balmy and pleasant, all the flowers as beautiful and delightful as i had recalled and i swiftly returned within an hour from my 3 mile walk. There on my desk was a warm present that my good creative loving friend had brought me, a container of tomato soup, vegetarian with a small bread stick. I was as empty as my body gets and from the exertion of the walk, my appetite was unleashed and i set to the warm well seasoned fresh tomato soup like a famished pilgrim approaching mecca. it was truly divine and the gift of love and i was truly in smiling contentment and gratitude and humbled by the love i am shown everyday by those who here at work understand some of the great transformation i am undergoing and try at least to ease my considerable burden of balancing between the two and sometimes three worlds i coexist in.
the afternoon goes swiftly and with much of my busy work moved into the out pile and i set forth home with the wonderful realization that i have truly been in the moment the instant of consciousness, without end, all day long and even on this minute drive through the traffic of the truly obscured, i am untouched and feel the gliding presence of the force throughout the slow and unhurried drive, for i realize to my soul, there is no where else to be and nothing else to do but be here in this moment for all that it has to offer.
As i arrive home in a perfect mood and in love with life and thinking what a wonderful experience it has been to drive my wifes car and its wonderful sound system that allows me to enjoy the soulful jazz music all the way home and i enter my home where my wife is laying supine on the couch watching Oprah or Ellen, and she immediately starts yelling at me with contracting fear and anger that i am destroying her car and i am going to leave her with no money and no house and now i am going to leave her with no car and that i have to get my car back. I immediately dropped into reaction and looked at her unbelieving, this had to be an outside energy trying to disrupt the flow of my transformation. I told her that i was not the person she thought she was talking to and i no longer am in charge of that and i would not be getting the car back that the car is gone, get used to it. I sit in my meditation and looked at the issue without stopping for a half an hour coming to the truth that i could not take responsibility of her obscurity that she would have to work through this. I would offer her the way to find her spiritual security but i could not do anything for her except not be reactivated by her upset.
thankfully, the force was finally able to find an opening in my disrupted awareness and i settled smoothly into loving force and a wild realization of the meaning in my life. For there i saw thomas the messenger and the coming of the Rapture, the end of yogamaya and the loss of all form except those that have manifested the divine in their relationship to the body and the delicate relationship and purpose of the divine to attach to the physical form and the manifestation of the bliss in matter through all of the gross plane of existence.

i am in a divine mood and a feeling of ancient purposes reborn in this rebirth coming from untold ages of past yogamaya cycles. I suddenly decide to arise, and i remember that i needed to send my denver itinerary to my brother so i logged into my email and saw the reminder for tonights conference with Siddhartha at 7pm and it is 6:58. I take the phone into the room and call in and turn on the speakerphone and drop back into the chit and ananda of my meditation while i listened and joined with many of my retreat survivors for tonights call. it is beautiful and the subject continually touches on the obscurity and the overcoming of the obscurity and the exact thing my wife is going through and how to work through that, and then he quotes from the gita and in it it says that he who looks to the divine sincerely and steadfast will be denied nothing and all he has attained will be preserved. and those are the words that i am very thankful for , though even were it not so i would have no choice but to move forward and find the very conclusion of my transformation no matter what.
the call ends and i feel in pure bliss and go the jacuzzi to relax and enjoy my evenings ananda and stare at the rising moon and the darkling sky. i talk to my love on the IM after i spend a half hour in relaxation and i begin to read Mothers Agenda, and she is reading it with me and we know these words will somehow be our deliverance. I read the most beautiful words that she has given us and am transported until i realize i am in a dream at the keyboard and i go to continue this thought into my sleep.

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