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Friday, May 14, 2010

source to the receiver

there is much of great import in me
i feel the pull of ancient connections to the power
and the long suffering of the people
Deep into the void of knowing
there is in every heart a yearning yet there is no sign for them
i feel the depth of their despair
to know but not know what or how
Connecting to the universe means you feel everything that it has gone through now going thru and will be going through
All is present in the moment
You are so blessed
i am the dweller in the forest come to the cities and the plague is come
and the hour is past for redemption
people are coming
There is no plague but Ananda
for me yes
for the populace it is the end of experience
the signs are here for me
i am feeling the source living in me and then wonder
how is it that that part of me that has always known this would be is now waiting for the next shift with great impatience
by the end of june
you are my ananda
the love is there and has fed me with the spoon in your hand
i am untouched because you have held me
otherwise this flesh would be unable to hold this force
Mother is holding you
your penance has been my deliverance
It has been a wonder and mysterious journey
your return my resurrection
And disease became the medium
i seek the same cure for thee
for this is not an unfeeling fantasy
but the relationship of the source to the receiver
the love of purpose
and meaning in the action of the divine
and i will not question that which has been delivered
but will forever seek that which i must do
in every interaction there is a meaning for my presence
and i will act on that signal that i feel without fail
it seems a simple thing to do now
and not a question or a concern what or how or why
but the clear disposition of the forces will in everything i do
But following the direction
The signal
Will of the Mother
for what was a question is now a direction
and the signs are in every seeing
to follow in full surrender
everything is the action of the awakened soul
for that is where the purpose flows

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