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Friday, May 21, 2010

morning transformation

the more rapidly we fly the stronger the resistance to our quest, the very air conspires to slow us and the earth becomes a tar pit of our inertia and demise. where there is untold majesty, here the remains of mighty empires sit in turgid sinkholes. the ocean is the grave of all mans dreams, for never does the surface reveal the vast enterprises now rusting and decaying beneath her untold volumes. we are the play of the universe, to fight for every false dream to struggle without rest to manipulate and aspire without any understanding that the tools are made of ideas and the reality is the illusion of accomplishment. and every time we climb these towers of babel the world sinks deeper beneath the tidal waves of despair and our ascension is only the illusion of the action and the miracle of fiction, that our lives are spent in the hell of the fore sworn demise of the intellect and the failure of the soul for it has no rest in the confusion of mans complete infatuation with that which cannot sustain his existence and will never bring the ascension of the spirit without the release of falsehood and the connection to the divine. i feel the need to put upon my back the immortal significance of our generation, prepare for the end is near. this is the truth of our current matters, the ascension of the force into the physical space is opposed at every turn. where man aspires the forces conspire and those that are shown profit for the years they submit to the death of their souls they are given whatever they can take, but all is sand and rubble every pretty monument to slavery and pride becomes a glowering symbol of the forces that will not surrender to the light and have no care or reason to loose their willing minions to the spirit. it is a war and it is not man against man but light against dark and most of the souls in question are in the shadows with no hope of feeling that which they are directed to report and fear. all action is the loss of connection for what action can become the truth except that which creates inaction and stops the forces that drive men to confusion. the advent of communication has become the mind control of the billions. where are they now but in constant overload of the mental and the continuous receivers of the lies and fears that drive them to create even greater edifices of the darkness to prevent the communion with any other soul except the dark lords minions. we create the fantasies of light that are actually the darkness repackaged, the religions and beneficent societies that are only fronts for the greed and lust of the powerful. the unthinking minds in lockstep to the lies bring them every reward that can be gotten in the service of darkness, for there is no care or concern for the souls of the lost. yet there is hope and it comes from where all light flows and in the places unexpected for these are kept hid en from the world of unending vigilance and the light is disguised as the foolishness of the harmless. but there is a principle of the universe that has been unleashed in the past generations that is becoming a part of the consciousness on the earth and it is that force that brings the very tools the darkness turns to its own means but their source is actually the release of the unstoppable power of truth. the force was brought down in the last century, it came to areas where the earth entities are in magical connection to the new force through divine harmony of vibration and expression. where there was perfect harmony of man and nature there came the light unbidden and without resistance. and it was let loose among the children and they have carried the seed of the truth with them in silence for generations and their children understand without knowing the truth of the lie of earthly existence. and the despair and the turning away from the dark forces is becoming an instinct in them and their children will carry this truth even more as part of their consciousness and the wave of revulsion for the worship of things over spirit will become a lost empire within the next 50 years. there will be the confusion of action and right versus wrong but the eye and the focus will first check the divine and the force for change that is the mother will blossom to a world near ruin but in haste to save what can remain for those that bring the divine into manifestation. and while more lost souls exist on the planet now than ever in history, they are turned more and more from the purveyors of lies and greed by the hand of the mother, through their own karmas bringing them to bodies without the ability to become part of the lie, bodies with minds that cannot connect to this illusion and instead are focused on their private illusions and these who in past lives had no regard for the world or its needs are now forever cut off from all action in this world and are set forth disconnected by the millions. the mother is at work, for it is the diamond will that creates the truth that cannot be denied and it only the light that can create that will. and every being transformed in its crystal light is a power of ten greater than the last and all become the engine of the divine beyond the singular disparities of the untruth.
where the speakers go on and on about the different ways the taxes of the poor can be stolen and misused the force of the divine is creating gateways for the truly inspired that have separated themselves from the unending falsehood, and where the greed and lust are the theft of life and liberty, the freedom of the divine is always there and more openings are being created everyday and in the very thought of that is the reality of the creation and profusion of the forces that strive to bring forth a new consciousness that requires a new vessel to inhabit. and those that are chosen are the bridge forms the converted the half man half super realized being of the new light of cosmic intercession. for what sounds like madness to the deluded sings of the truth to those who have escaped the madness. and everyday more are disillusioned, more are in despair of what they experience and more turn from the falsehoods of slavery and painful burden without end and search for this light though they have no name for it.
we who arise through the divine intercession after a lifetime of painful separation and unwilling to surrender our truth center created in the original opening that was the youth of our ancient generation are now preparing the next stage of evolution and bring the battle to its true form the world above worlds where the forces rage unending and the very soul of reality sees the difference between the forces beyond knowing that they are working for the unstoppable will of the unknown expanding will and consciousness of being reflected from the well beyond even the ability to understand and see that the play of the madness on our planet is of little consequence and only through the minute intercession of these universal forces can there be a swift end to the childish by comparison dark forces set loose in this hidden backwater of existence. we are sending up the emissaries of our expanding awareness as we evolve to the point where we are conscious of and can communicate with these intergalactic and universal beings or forces or whatever we can conceive of them as for their makeup still is beyond our comprehension and it is through their momentary intercession that we shall free the soul that inhabits earths forms and engines of the satchitananda that all creation is in the act of performing at all levels and surely our expansion is another level of that action from the beings beyond knowing into the neurological systems of the human form. we are that and the firsts of those to comprehend that are the bringers of the wave that is already permeating this world and allowing madness to become meaning and ending its reign of unconscious slavery and lust.

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