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Sunday, May 16, 2010


the process of yogamaya is the attachment of the spirit to the form. the process becomes embedded to the point that there is no way for the spirit to find its way free from the form. this results in the end of the form and the freedom of the spirit from its attachment to that form. the form goddess the earth then devises a new form and over time that the spirit does not experience there is a new attachment created and the perfection of matter and spirit is recreated and the ananda is again renewed and this is perfect and without the attachments that will come as the maya becomes denser and denser and the pattern of resurrection becomes unbreakable. the spirit is always descending as that is the law of attraction and the evolution of matter through the descent of the SAT.
we are approaching the end of the yogamaya phase in the current form. as long as the spirit is trapped in the form and becomes more and more desperate to stay in the form , the earth will respond to the vibrations of the form to be released and will develop a pattern of physical change that will end the forms slavery to the spirit. the spirits journey to and from the form is beyond the choice or decision of the spirit for there is no element of choice of the spirit but only surrender. it is the infinite nature of consciousness to always bring the ananda into matter and the spirit is the messenger of the SAT.

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