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Monday, May 24, 2010

Money from Divine

awareness of money. the representation of money in the divine nature. The divine encompasses all. the will of all is to encompass the divine, to have the divine, to be fulfilled by the divine. The divine has all divine love, divine force, divine energy, this is given to the absolutes of the universe in infinite amounts to complete her work of creating the structures in all the levels of awareness that will result in the ultimate merger of the manifest and the unmanifest. the absolutes, to motivate and power the lower levels of awareness to complete their creation and manipulation of structures to become nearer and nearer to the divine purpose through the process of being more and more inclusive of all possibilities are given the divine love, lets call them credits, for their work, this is controlled through the absolute forces and is parcelled out as the structures fall into the newest and most experimental yet all-inclusive patterns that include as much and as many of all the concepts of structures that are already in existence and then going beyond that. then those credits flow down to the levels of more dense and restricted awarenesses and forces that work in all the levels below feeding the creation and experimentation in all the levels below that. On the physical level this is the recreation of that process of credit and reward as it applies to the human activity. Those that reach out and make the most connections and are the most original in their efforts while connecting to as many others as possible, affecting the greatest numbers,are granted the most credit for their efforts, this is the process of wealth and abundance for those that connect to its process. so as you go out and expose your self and your ideas whatever they may be to more and more individuals and as that is accepted and incorporated into their structures of thinking and emotions and thought then you receive the credits. This is why ponzi schemes work, this is why the entertainment business is so successful, this is the secret of advertising, and the massive power of the communication media at any stage in human development. This is the process of expanding the number of connections to different dimensional beings throughout their human manifests in order to open the possible channels that are connecting from higher awarenesses that are searching for the path that will reward them in kind and on up the entire spiritual and energetic chain.

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