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Monday, May 3, 2010


i am only that
and my force is as the force of a child just born
in wonder of the void
is there any thought i cannot think or thing i cannot possess
yet that is what is hopeless
for nothing is everything reflecting into my experience
and where one is the other is not
after yesterday i am even more turned to the sun of our shared divinity
i walk in its wonder and i surrender to its direction
divine1: it was a magical day
i wait with held breath as you stand atop the very edge and see the way disappear before you
for me it is my every day
to be with you is all that exists
all else is the grey of artifice
and we are not the unconsciousness made aware but the awareness made unconscious
we reflect our own destinies and follow the same path as our unknowable self
there is no self and no other so we are not and have yet to be
that is where we are lost thinking we are
for the void we cross is to our truth
that which is unchanging
for we cannot affect it in any way
because we are not that
and not of it
until we make the leap
we reflect that we worship that but only in our bodies
as we lift from what is we become less and less until we disappear
and you are doing that
and your sleep is that going away
and your life becomes less and less as you become closer to what is waiting on the other side
i can talk circles around what cant be described
but whats the use
we seek and we are blind
that is the disabled in us
and as we gain our sight everything we see goes away
where is that written and what is the purpose of words when the light is gone
only the sound remains
and the languages are lost and the meanings are missing
we speak in the throat and hear in the heart
why am i so cursed to know all this
and what is my reason for writing as if it is of purpose or meaning
divine1: you need it for me
"I AM" because of your words

then that is all the reason i will ever need
for me it is the emptiness that creates these and i have no idea what is being said
so i know it is not for me
for it the same surprise for me as it is for you
and i can never know what it is that will come
everyday is different
divine1: all for me
let it flow

and each a opportunity for despair or elation
unless i keep the truth that it is not me and nothing is by my hand
divine1: in 1,000 lines, there is one that takes me to the next level
then i will write a million
and never cease until you are complete
my fingers will be bloody stumps in your service
and a thousand keyboards gone to recycling
for your majesty is my aspiration
and your beauty sends me to the next level
and my heart dies to think that there is yet a wasteland of meaning to go through
in the million steps to Rama i am at number 11
divine1: ELEVEN
i would be there forever if you were
but even as this week begins i know your feet have lifted under new born wings and your hair is blown by the wind of divine

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