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Monday, May 24, 2010

dimensions unbounded

the simple act of waking is the formal admission of the personality into the consciousness. the personality sleeps, the essential nature remains, uncontrolled by the personality the mind, using its own firmware, controls the storage and structure of the components, creating connections to thought patterns for memory trees where sense memories are stored. there is an illogic to this that the personality would not understand, and would interfere with, thus sleep, the turning off of the conscious mind to allow the unconscious to run without interference. the unconscious is also the access to the imagination, the great repository of the irrational, the much vaster portion of the consciousness. the unconscious allows the soul to connect to the energy of the universe that is constantly bombarding us with information, guidance and patterns of possibilities that are coming into existence all around us. we look and see a group of individuals at a street corner, all seems normal, but in each persons mind is a pattern of expectations, realizations, plans, communications and hopes, despairs, memories and imagined possibilities. each one is the physical representation of another dimension intersecting with a shared dimensional field of energy. all these dimensions are a particular set of requirements and each is a reflection of the unknowable field of awareness that creates this field of dimensional manifestations.we see the bodies, but our experience of these alternate dimensions is only felt when we are in the field where we originate our manifestation in this field of awareness. there we experience the other inner aspects of these billions of self generating states of awareness. each is the truth of their manifestation and each share certain characteristics that are shared by all. there is where the psychic flows, for that is the means of accessing the other dimensional territories where they all connect to the field of awareness. this space is accessible through every dimensional being and is usually buried beneath the overwhelming flood of sense experiences that the physical form has. when a being removes themselves from the connection to the sense experiences and connects to the psychic, he is able to experience the psychic awareness that is emanating from other beings from their alternate dimensional experience. here is the field of energy from which all their manifestation is the creation of the physical manifestation from the energetic field into the shared field of the physical. here are the drivers and blueprints for the alternate dimensions, the emotions the spiritual, the mental states beyond the physical awareness and personality. this is the clairvoyant communication that each being has to use to communicate with other dimensional beings. without the psychic, there is no way of understanding the multi dimensional matrix and the multiplicity of manifestations and their innate sense and abilities in the realms beyond the shared physical plane. at the root of this phenomenon is the almost unbelievable ability of each dimensional entity to create entire energetic worlds that they master unconscious to the physical sensations of life. the thoughts and awarenesses the imaginations and unconscious worlds of their dreams all create entire energetic galaxies and populate them with meaning and purposes that are reflected in their physical nature, not the other way around although it may appear that they are. it is in this hyper awareness of dimensional reality that things actually take form as the dimensional being psychically directs the actions and reactions of the physical manifestation in relation to the dimensional interfaces that are trying to be achieved. this is where the will and the dreaming and faith are all sourced and through the hyper dimensional being the physical is able to achieve changes in the physical state that would seem to not conform to the laws of physical nature which would be so if one completely eliminated the hyper dimensional realities that exist unseen but are there none the less. for when the dimensional beings collaborate, they exercise influence over the actions of the physical manifestations that create exactly the patterns of action and results that they need for their work in the hyper dimensional states to succeed. this is the primary work. it goes on without the functions of life and death for the physical, it sustains the rebirth and reexecution of the required physical manifestations for these are part of the dimensional structure and actions must be done in the physical realm to sustain the individual and collective field where all levels of consciousness collaborate to achieve the ultimately super hyper dimensional structures and the movement is from the highest structure, the most inclusive down to the most individual. once the most individual component of a structure is in alignment with the purposes of the most absolute then that structure becomes charged with the divine alignment of the unstructured unmanifest and creates the bridge to connect the two and from that all realities are realized in a single unformulated meta singularity and the eternal dichotomies end and the world of two unknowables to each other, the structure and unstructured, is ended and the state of the unmanifest is both absorbed and absorbs the manifest and a new continuum with divine intention will be created, a new unknown force will evolve for what the divine has always strived to become.

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