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Monday, May 31, 2010

infinite point

in the hours of meditation and the running of the force there is pain if one is set to consider the next thing to do. all time must end or the pain will increase. in my mind i see the moment stop before me and within the moment, the end of time, the infinity of time, the endless aspect, universal to all moments. and in that point i insert myself and i push out the sides of that aspect into a giant cone of timelessness surrounding me. i feel the expansion of the moment into endless boundaries and sit unmoving and uncalculating. there is nothing to do but be in the force and nowhere to go to but here and within this moment. i feel the force in me wavering and pulsing down my head, through my face and finally, through a vortex, descend into my chest and stomach cavities. the thrumming of the chakras begin and they flush the energy like giant wheels in the river of being. the energy expands throughout the lower chakras and through the entire lower body. my mind sees nothing until the field of existence where the light is sitting on a distant horizon and tall panels of unequal length and width stand to either side like a set for a dramatic play set in some region of the mind. and there is only the lovely flowers from the bowers and fruit trees in the courtyard where the birds sit unmoving and waiting. and the silence rings like a broken eardrum and the sky is bright and dark in the changeless moment.then i am lost in a night of undetermined origins and unparalleled silence where i hear only the generating hum of the universe near me and in me and i realize i am in a body and my eyes are staring into the top of my head. the feeling is settling into the surface of the endless lake without a ripple and the awareness becomes inert, untouched, released from the human needs and thoughts, it sinks untroubled and the emptiness fills the moment that stretches into the infinite point of time.

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