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Sunday, May 9, 2010

field beyond

poetry is the art of seeing
i live in one world and see another
i exist in the material plane
and experience the infinite
my writing reflected that
the difference
the view from beyond
what i was living and struggling in
that has changed
i am no longer in the plane of material existence
in the meat and potatoes of being human
i now reside fully in the next plane
the transcendental
the plane of the absolute the infinite
beyond what is relative and individual
where i saw the field beyond
or saw from beyond the field
i would write in telling prose
of the distance and the unfortunate lives
the singular souls expiring in reach of their goal
and the doom was palpable for me
there was the real meat of my existence
touching the infinite and feet of clay
now the feet are wings to my untold destiny in atmospheres lighter than oxygen
i see my truth as my life and feel the real and not the unreal
there is no more difference to give mortal pith and
irony damned and despair of living
the baseball life is done and
the unconscious dreams finished
where am i now but here and
when am i but in this moment i am come to
in the source of my souls reflection
and become the light of my truth revealed

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