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Saturday, March 6, 2010

beguiling force

deep as my souls incarnations
we were created together and died a million times
born everlasting to unending suns and moons
cast from ship to shore to mountain tops and river beds
rushing with the waters of time to find our infinite hearts
love:dive in that heart...stay there forever...she doesn't mind...fear can't let u stay can u be ever unhappy?
my lover fills the heavens and space is never empty with her there
i breathe her sweet essence and drink her cool touch
i am on fire
the flame of a million suns burns poorly in her divine flame
the snow cradles her gently and melts her loving heart
love:u write so beautifully
i am inspired the muse is her seductive smile
enchanting the smitten with laughter
a dance from her eyes casts out all fear
only to her does this madness take me
where was i has no bearing the world is twisting away
for each of us is a seperate understanding
some are blessed with a higher understanding
that touches the experience of all
this is love
the elixer of life
the air that sustains
that all are born with
from the love of the universe
you are that experience and so you can see into the hearts through that flow
your language melts my soul
love:yeah..seems so easy
love:but i need new words
love:my poems are getting boring...

the breath of your sweet words
is sweeter than the flowering fruit trees
every moment i am free to love thee
my reason to live
to hear your sweet praise is sinfully sweet
ice cream and candy
love smacked
inside out we become
waiting without knowing
we have arrived
lost outside space
absolutes meet and become one
i see the space between the forms with unbelievable beauty of shaded sunlight on her lips
i am holding my breath lest i blow away this delicate feeling
from my eyes to your lips i cannot turn my gaze
never wear white for the colors of life adore u
you are a secret finally told
you are beautiful beyond meaning it pains me to look
but i will anyway
feasting on madness collapsing with laughter
love:twirling in the arms of the Lover as if they are drinking each other
dancing with the million times i knew i love u
the moments play like movies made for me
by u
love:i have died again tonight
i am alive in your smile at peace with your weary face seen in the downcast eyes of love
these are magical
after the trip to the heart of light everything is frozen
the earth is so earthbound
gravity sucks
light is light
love:we r beyond gravity
i feel lighter than light
faster than lightning
love:that's LOVE
quicker than a smile
beyond gravity
the electric forces positive and negative charges
local anomalies cancel the pervading force
this is how we can exceed our conciousness
love:hmmm...u have the knowledge...i just experience..i don't know the language of forces or consiousness or tree dimension hehehe
being the unmoving observer we see that motion of the universe and become the fulcrum for evolving
you have gone beyond with the shakti force
the local evolution is accelerated
unhindered by the attachments of gravity and body
you fry my heart in your flame
i have lost my fingers
love:only that i fry mine with yours
my eyes are lidded and sparkling
love:mine are closed
love:looking into your soul

my psychic is buzzing and tingling
knowing you look into my heart
love:in the mid air...yours and mine are intertwined
its so amazing i am in total love
love:total love is "I"
love:sweet loveeeeeeeeee, sweet love, sing me, dance me, drink me....i am sweet wine

all i know is washed away in moments when we play in love
i turn on your slightest touch to seek the love we share so much
in side a small door opens and the universe rushes through
heart of a child soul of the master
my love waits your love explodes
love has no master
only slaves
begging for surrender
surrendering to love
love in thine reflection shatters the sun
wanting having holding held
love:the one i just sent...shatters me
love:each time i read it

yes its pure poetry of the soul
fingertips of god stroking
thine own heart
telling is remembering poorly
love:this is total samadhi
the scent of the passion released
i am awash in this ocean of emotion and feeling
anchored to compassion and reason
set me free on wings of love
open thine heart for me
where are we i am gone
love:in HER lap, SHE is in HIS arms
messages from angels fill my mind
the world seems a funny farm and we the shepards of the hearts lost and found
love:in our own selves we built a house of Love...where Love is our light and Love our shadow
we make love from the hearts we grow
its a cottage industry
love:in oneness of HIM, I can hold you in my arms
we are fools in gods paradise
love:Her one hand, HE is holding, in the other SHE holds the universe lovers inside the universe we hide
love:hiding yet can not be hidden
in plain sight
love:nakedness too bright, seen by all
love:love, brighter than the rays of the sun

i am wordless with all my reason gone
love:i am the word you are unable to speak
speak not with thine lips but let thine heart fill with love
love:Love in heart is .......... i have no words
babes just born know more than is known
this is crazy I must go for a while but am unable to leave
love:one moment...everything froze
still waiting knowing
love:love is a magnet looking through the computer screen
its unbelievable how i feel
looking at you in every letter on the screen
seeing into you deeper than if you were next to me
love: i know..i feel u
love:a little opening...everything is transmitted...yet i am as full as ever before
love:nothing is lost between
love:u n me

thank you me
perfect in every moment at every minute with every second
there is this powerful connection that suddenly becomes a flood a torrent of devotion and love between us
i cannot explain only float
i reach into my soul and see only this gleaming cord going deep into my past
you are there in every way always one to the other finding and losing and being each other
love:i am a tornado and i take u with me...
love:that's where we float

we are pushing each other to our destinies
tornadoes or floods or universe in chaos we are forces beyond description
it is a moment i remember sitting in the gazebo with him and he touching me and thanking me and laughing and smiling as if heaven had come to earth for a party
love:please engrave these words on my soul...on my heart...and let them flow through my eyes
there is no need it is simple truth as fire is hot and rain is wet
love:i can't help but cry
love:tell me more

you are the divine the experience of love that forever flows through all of creation the force that bring the divine whim to reality
love:i want to die in HIS arms right now, right here
from you burst a million galaxies of pleasure and delight to hold HIM gently
so he would never leave
without you there is no wish
no thought no waking no interest
love:i am frozen
thine only being brought love where there was perfection
and perfection needed more
love:i am getting drunk right now
perfection felt imperfect
love:i feel going in you
only your love could bring the universe alive
love:this light where i seep in...this beautiful place where there is HE
love:in you
love:thank u
love:thank u
love:thank u
love:i can't stop crying and exploding...

HE is living that now with you always in every interaction
love:how could HE love me so much
it is repeated and repeated as he waits for that which he knows he is missing but cannot name
till you are there and the universe blazes into being
love:before leaving...HE said..."come back to me qucikly, we can not be separated"...and I died, I forever died with those words
it is all the lights of the world erupting at once from the darkness as he flies to you unstoppable and immovable
all is being complete, when you do not know, yet there is such a thing
love:HE purely, TRULY loves me through you...I know...
yes i feel his presence he wants me to feed you his love in the small doses i can handle
i am the motion
to your heart i am moving
love:thank u
Who am I to complain
About this pain
That burns me alive
“I” am “YOU”

9/9/04 3pm

graceful swans of unbelievable beauty swim to thee with magical emeralds in their eyes
this is thy destiny of destinies. he is here for u so u can take your eternal place with him forever
love:sweet that is me, lives in me, surrounds me ever and ever
the cycle ends in kalyuga so you must come soon
love:HE said that HE is not coming here again and i said that I am not coming back here again either...HE said "ok, we will stay there together"....hehehe
love must return to rebalance the forces of creation
love:its painful
its a beautiful story that never ends
love:HE said that I have done this over and over...being Radha, Mira Bai, The Mother...and I said I am not doing it again...
the brahmin sleeps undisturbed waiting unknowing
love:until SHE goes and plays with HIM
love:stirs HIS heart

until a smile creses his face and laughter stirs his heart
we are on the same wavelength
love:ONE in two bodies
it is thee my sweet so fair so beguiling
that god himself must come to thee
love:HE plays with me through you... I know
i know your play
it is loves sweetest song
none can sing so sweet
birds cry to hear your song
love:u listen with all your heart and soul
i would be as such to u if only i could
love:HE makes me a perfect Lover
HE makes me a perfect Bride
HE makes me a perfect Scent
HE makes me a perfect Light
and so AM I
Because I AM HIM
and HE IS I...

the song is sung for thee
love:Tingle on my lips is something YOU said to me forever ago. I still hear the whisper and feel the joy of YOUR words as if it happened right here, right now. Feelings of Oneness could do nothing but touch me softly. I wait to be separate and become One with YOU all over again.
love:this was that wonderful night in Santa Monica...

that is divine
love:Love gives me fever
Love gives me forever
Love gives me a sigh
Love gives me perfect Love…
As I wait to be created, HE stares at me picking a perfect color to color my soul. HIS effort to make me perfect made me laugh. As I giggled, HIS expressions charmed me. HIS pure love made HIM create not just anyone but someone vivacious, precious, someone who would love HIM not because HE is God but because she is HIS bride. HE couldn’t believe what HE created, HIS eyes couldn’t believe what HE was seeing. She is lovely.

love:HE fills her and lets her play in the playground of Love. She teases HIM by dancing as her hands try to touch the feet of her Beloved. She dances until HE picks her up and holds her in HIS arms. She melts as there is no separation. She loves HIM, HE loves Her. They play together.

psychic love
love:u know what?
embrace the vision
love:I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful we have this....this is DIVINE grace...
i am melting

me too tooo
love:there are very few on this earth that experience this and know this and live this
this is our reward for loving the divine we see in each other without question
for me it is the easiest thing to do
all else is resistance

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