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Sunday, March 14, 2010

clear thinking

contained in thinking is the emotional structure
the emotional design creates thoughts
this is the source of most of your thinkings meanings
because you dont just think but intend
you intend a meaning in your thoughts
that is the reason these thoughts are remembered
we dont remember the thoughts that dont fit our emotional design
so we are blind to our own prejudices because they are not in our thoughts but in the way we choose to think our thoughts
i think so i am lost in my emotions
there is no way to rewire this using the mind
you need to get at the root of the emotions
these are the attachments we have
to clan and kin
to pain and lust
we choose what is thought of everything
based on these conditions
where are we if not in our sweet mothers smile and our fathers approval
and did we have a special older friend a mentor that may have seemed cool
then we spend a lifetime attached to these conversations without thinking, who said this anyway
why am i thinking only me has the truth
the real deal
why am i thinking my father created what he has by accident, by being in the field of a force of nature and not from his truly amazing intellect
because thought is not your friend
it wants you to feel that only thought matters
so it creates logic and reason as proof
and you succumb to such precise thinking even if its yours and based on a lot of sweatsock dreams
we trust clear thinking, i mean thinking we cant understand
from politicians and teachers and shop owners and doctors and friend and bosses and we just dont seem to take the time to even listen to ourselves because we really dont think we can think in the same thinking league as these guys
so then why is everything messed up
with all these great thinkers making thought a religion
and speaking of religion,
did i mention that thats the number one thought screwer after sex
hands down, number 2
so you need to do the following

forget everything

not just the big stuff, cause and effect sure but baseball?

there is no little white ball hitting a bat, thats to sell beer

its the giant energy suck from 5 billion viewers connecting into the stream
your brain is fried before you die
in fact before you live
so understand like you feel earthquakes and torrential rain
there is no individual parts, the brain bone is connected to the heart bone is connected to the intuition bone thats connected to some bone i cant even understand but it creates a harmonic that stimulates the pituitary and the pineal and the space in the center of the head resonates and you take the red box of stuff on the shelf
and it feels right
this is what you have to work with
i know its not as sexy as rational thought
but its yours
you've probably been making a lot of bad judgements mixing this feeling with some actual decisions from your thoughts
dont despair, once you stop a lot of your thinking this will actually happen less and less
lets get started
the next time someone approaches you, be thankful , and the next time it seems like you are having a hard time, be grateful, cause its just going to get worse
unless you can start listening to your own voice, and that muscle you call a heart
i have a gut feeling that thinking is telling you i am crazy
but my intuition tells me to believe you'll make it

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