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Saturday, March 13, 2010

man survives

where wandering takes me
is not the farthest places
but in mine own hearts deepest journey
into love unending
and the passage of melted fire
growing under every yearning
past magic and through tunnels lined
with wondrous murals
painted before man was born
the lights extinguished
the floor descending
the sky beneath me
taken once more
to the ends of found likenesses
and forms from those
i borrowed everything
and nothing left to return
here i dwell neath my supple limitations
for nowhere is loving more
than where there can never be another
kind settlers of the souls
abandon pains reward
and holding steady reins
on wild horsemen brought
with loving hearts come sailing
and every wise minister is waiting
as painted stars point to heavens door
lifting the edge of my caves thin wrapping
i see the end of time
and the earth orange and glowing
through purple skies full of winged men
and snouted creatures riding them
holding bridles tight and saddles worn high.
lights prick the solitude of darkest night
where eyes reflect the lit gas
from the marshes in the valleys floor
and there stands broken
the last vestiges of mans mighty intellect
across a battered door,
the markings of the last writings
of some mad wanderer from yore
exit here riders of the night
and nothing more
for where man goes
he extinguishes
and what is done is lost
and how man survives
is left for the dead
and those following their ancestral paths
are soon lost to mortal ken
inside the mind
is the end of thought
the end of time
and the last feeling
that can ever be
love me one last time

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