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Monday, March 1, 2010


you're a human comedy
not a tragedy
those things, the wanting, that is where the lesson is
you want what you can have rather than love
and that leaves your wanting unfulfilled
you find the center and it moves away
you are never where you want to be
until you realize you are perfect in every way
every life seeks the love you feel
in your heart
you know what that is
but you cannot find it outside of yourself
so you believe you have commited something wrong
to be denied what you know you deserve
the heart seeks union
inside each of you is the union of the self and the one true nature
that is the union you seek
but your youth and physical seeking leads you to look outside of yourself
and you are forever uplifted and rejected
there are two absolutes in lifes understanding
giving up everything
and having everything
both are obsessed with things
both identify with the external as the true source of experience
neither finds completion or harmony
your path will never be anyone elses
what is perfect for you will be your own creation
not a reflection of someones philosophy
feel what makes you higher as your guide
what sets your soul alight and free
in those "things" you become closer to your true nature
for everything else, believe that the sacrifice is your choice in this life
and has purpose that will be revealed as soon as you are ready to understand
and be open to love
for it will sustain when nothing else will
know that you created this life as your journey
as your spiritual path revealed and sacred
nothing is done by chance but by divine inspiration
the universe supports everything and knows only giving unending
there is no thing uncreated
unsupported by love
my purpose in this life
i looked for that which is not the usual experience
but i never doubted that i was creating the realities i experienced
even in my hardest trips through the eye of the needle and into the soul of gods love
i knew it was I
and I alone there in every moment i created my experience
losing your mind is losing of your responsibilities
not your sanity
your trust in your self to become
that which your life would not allow
that is the losing your mind
its finding your true self
thinking is the real culprit
the constant submission of thought for every instant of existence
as if that is somehow your experience or reality
thought is lifes blogger
not living
the ego wants to dominate your life
it creates dissension acceptance and denial
as if you do not already know
it takes lead on your feelings and thoughts without a thought for your sanity
which desires only peace and unchanging being
revealed in your precious moments of meditation
i know i pass many thoughts and words into these conversations
these come directly from the unification of my heart mind and soul with the divine
they come from your higher self touching mine
asking me to explain to touch your true heart
what you do in your life is actions karmas
but you control nothing have nothing
everything in this world is given you
and everything is taken away
except love
that you create yourself
that is the force that gives
and you are the channel of love
all else is maya
when you are born and when you die, you move through that force
love brings you and love takes you from this plane of experience
what you do here is only to expand the force and to bring everyone into the true awareness of this state of being
then the illusion will end
man will become one soul one being one love and union will be all
so when you are indulging yourself, feeling low and de-energized
know you choose that
there are a million choices to expand the conciousness of the world and you have made that yours
no harm no foul
you all need downtime
man is limited and prone to reverting to his human nature
but just resolve to see that you choose
you have the power
at every junction
you direct the self
not the self directing you

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