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Saturday, March 20, 2010

emptiness crushed

my animals are come and they comfort me early before anyone else is awake
the night air still freshens the kitchen and the lights simple and bare
create shadows on my keyboard where i tap impatiently
the words are from my heart they sit with little choice
i am delivered to them not they to me
and what i write is about the life i wondered would ever come
many years i felt the pull and the reasons and the magical moments
but always there were huge experiences that taught me never to think its done
there is a miracle coming
i find my one truth in being myself
which means to never be just me but my higher nature a meditative
unborn master seeking a passage into this form
where there is the human nature i am lost and rightfully so
not understanding the world or the body or other bodies in some instinctual way i clumsily operate and navigate
like some drunken sailor on shore leave finding the first girl he sees and making my way to the carnival
but when it stops and there is a moments reflection i imagine the universe i remember
the unending nuclear entities and the emptiness crushed by forces unleashed and thrown across galaxies where there are incredible powers holding and shaping every unimaginable speck you can see into the forms of universes spun from light and each a fingerprint of a divine soul
we are small creatures on the soil of a planet distant and what we experience is only the tiniest fraction of what there is
yet we are the masters the total well of knowledge and experience
our small lives touch each other
and each of us is the opening
the gateway to the very heart of all creations mystery
and when we touch there
we are god and man and perfect completion of
why the universe came to be

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