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Sunday, March 14, 2010

eternities madness

i feel you somewhere in me
i have yet to have my toast or my vitamins
i have only been reading and composing
is there time for a moment of love
a manifest creation that extends our being across hundreds of imaginary miles of separation
for i feel you here in me in my very heart alight
a new child born every time i think i feel you
there she comes to bring my love to the front of my awareness to make only that which is truth real
for all else is another name for what i feel in perfection when our hearts are connected and communicating pure love
as the night adores the sunlight and the sun the desire for the moons dark sister
so am i in your light and shifting satellites
in rings created by eternities madness your are encircled with every notion of love and beauty and grace
and nowhere would this heart be if not in your attraction and feeling the gravity of your existence
all hearts are true in you they are made new and real and love is pouring from every undying moment of our lives
can any moment be more than those we have?
each a perfect reproduction of loves arc in the creation of all existence come to its completion in its mastery of your form becoming loves design
is my thought of you mine or am i receiving grace and divine direction forever to be connected, always found and eternally loved by love herself in you
when i awoke today i was empty, tired alone in my own home full of a million reasons to not be in love and to be loves mistaken attempt
then i began to look through a conversation we had, a million reasons to be lost and found and be true and let truth be in you and me and i knew there was no mistake nor time to resist what has been our destiny through a million trials and successes each as loving as this and each come to be in this moment ours
we love as only two souls can, absolute forgiveness and unending compassion for every thought every action every feeling we can create and identify with
and then pull ourselves back to hold each others hearts with such force and such trust
i never want this to end
i never want to stop telling this story to everyone everywhere
we are done with doing
begun with being what is true what is love what is psychic communion
always i sit and am in divine awareness of your state and long that we can be as connected there as every instant we have shared
love no longer waits but is fully present
sharing what is never missing never empty never done
we bring that which is the unmanifest awakening to its knowing form
what creates loves awareness fulfills all
i have never felt so alive or loving as now and with our hearts in this life there is divine power and human desire to bring this manifestation forward
let what comes be and let our hearts be free of pain
from my soul i reach you and love you as i have always

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