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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

who we are

and what is man if not his own creation
we are the result of love brought into language beset by conditions we are hardly responsible for
yet we are told to spend our lives trying to change things
to improve our lot on earth
as if just being man means we are responsible
and we have had some reason to think this is our mess just because we are here
but the truth is we dont know where we are or how we got here
we give it a name
we postulate that we were sent or created or were thrust here
into reality
but from where or to what destination
we are uninformed
so we actually think about it
and what is this thinking stuff
we measure the differences between things and study the possible
links between what surrounds us
we are primitive and sophisticated
but no one denies
we are just a meal away from something savage
and this funny thing happens on our way to nowhere
we fall in love
or back into love
because we were born there
flat on our backs unable to do anything for ourselves
we are held and fed and bathed by warm soft murmuring flesh
and we are immersed in love and we are only who we are, without pretending or falsehoods
when we leave the mother we become educated
we become farty school kids and learn about abuse and power
usually the hard way
the path becomes stricken with thoughts of self preservation and wanting
and we take what comes to make mother love continue
even as we move further from ourselves away from who we were to who we think we should be
and spend a lifetime being filled with what we are not
and we forget
we dont know who we are
and start believing what we are told
and become that which we are not
either we die suddenly realizing
we need forgiveness for sins we didnt commit
or we reach a point of stopping the brainwashing
and asking the question
what am i doing this for
who am i
what brought me here
is this a life or a dream i am having
and somewhere we had a moment
when it did seem right
it was love and it was perfect
and there was murmuring flesh and holding
and it ended not so well
and we were left without that feeling and no way to recover it on our own
what is it we really experience in those moments
is there a deeper understanding of who we are through what we experience when we feel this love
we create the chemicals and the feelings and a state of thinking that aligns with self and is supported by another
and in that union there is a special nature
of mutual support and compassion that feeds our need to be loved to be approved
we want to just live there
but we destroy that which gives us peace
with our thoughts
but it is through our thoughts that we can overcome this
because just as our thoughts of critical nature separate us from our experience and reduce it to a commodity that we can control
so can those thoughts bring us the realization that we are driving love away by thinking these thoughts
and then you realize that thinking is not the solution
but not thinking is
for when we dont think
we become that which we always are
loving being seeking union
with other loving beings
then when we can achieve that and not have conditions and explanations ruin it
then we can start to create a real life
one based on who we are
one filled with love

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