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Monday, March 15, 2010

image of god

and as i look down at my pasty white thighs
sitting on the toilet
and try to imagine some image of god
i am created in
and realize he must be pretty average himself
to see this form as the image he wants to replicate
i wonder if the reality is we're not his idea
but the offshoot of an idea that
started things rolling a billion or 3 thousand years ago
depending on your historical perspective
the idea of created life
from an idea made into the word which
created the vibration
that set in motion the hamsters wheel
we all run on today
so it must be the higher processes that got
all the glory
the high thinking, visualizing, psychic connecting
cause the rest is sort of basic
like all the animals
we eat, sleep, eliminate and reproduce pretty normally
so i guess its all the stuff we write about that stuff thats pretty special
and every once in a while we get to have a little insight
about our relationship with something
unseen, greater, connected
to some infinite conciousness
and we go nuts for a while
until we can get out of bed
and start all over again tomorrow

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