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Monday, March 15, 2010

make believe

my favorite bumper sticker I'd rather be meditating
its the essence of our existence
not being
i would rather be
and never do a thing
the way it works we are bound up in our energy and packaged for this world in a suit of flesh
and we make believe for years
creating elaborate fantasies of time and space and miracles of every description
as we are bombarded with the expected behaviors and thought processes of the survivors
they are full of the fears and the unstable premises of death being the end of everything
or some kind of holy roller coaster of unbelievable chance
which is better but not even close
the kids know
its a play yard for development of the most rudimentary forces
its not supposed to last
we manifest our most wild ideas and then watch the sea wash them away
we feel and want and take and give and become the same like everyone else or die trying
and thats the way it is
the dying and the living are just what we make them out to be
we aren't the experts or the people in charge
just the lunatics in the asylum
let out for the day
kings of hearts parading
and soon to end this masquerade
for we go on to manifest in the supernatural state of beings in the forces beyond light and shadow
past imagining
and into the very fabric
of that which for us
is yet unknown

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