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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

scrivner's folly

reader: rise and shine
scrivner: my effervescent one
reader: how are You?
scrivner: i have risen and am in dire need of shining
reader: did you sleep well?
scrivner: but nothing stops the juggernaught of writing
scrivner: no not at all
scrivner: i am beset with wearisome notions and desires of the feckless postulates of my soul
scrivner: red eyed and worn
reader: ahhh
reader: I am just reading the 3 posts
scrivner: for what is damme muse but a horned demon astride a dragon of possiblities
scrivner: boom boom boom
scrivner: i am writ and must writ again
reader: you are healing the whole earth with your words... you are going through all for the whole humanity
reader: I can feel it
reader: taken the burden of the whole
scrivner: would that be more than just myself i would be praised indeed
scrivner: but nay the whole is just a fantasy of smoke and mirrors reflecting everything
reader: no no
reader: it is reality
scrivner: we are not undone or lost or saved but the value we would place is the sum of what we truly are
reader: yes
reader: everything is real
reader: Love is real
reader: everything you feel and see is real
scrivner: our hearts the heart of mans aspirations brought to earth and flowing with mans terrible purpose
scrivner: so you like my words as they flow from my broken fingers
reader: only thing is that we don't go through only our experience when one reaches this state but experiences of everyone
scrivner: i am passed lives of purpose and meaning and am now creating my own
reader: yesss... very much
reader: am reading
scrivner: for in my dreams i am floundering in madness and released from all need of mans complaint
reader: I feel pain in the last writings
scrivner: where beats the maddening drums of reason
scrivner: and pain is the sensation of awareness finding truth
scrivner: hidden beneath the soil of his ancestors worship
scrivner: i defy the laws of mans destitute passions and release my passages to the crawling and the bound
scrivner: we are surely destinies orphanns as we reach for invisible rewards for works that fail to complete
scrivner: let this be my empty requium for the soul where every bitten creature lives within
scrivner: for i am made whole through my own horrors and find pleasure in their viewing
reader: still reading ourselves multiplied
reader: now reading "limited divinity"
scrivner: new post
scrivner: scivner's folly
scrivner: hehehe
reader: i go to constantly
scrivner: hahahaa
scrivner: a learning experience
reader: don't forget I was brought up in India
scrivner: and what words give thee this troublesome need
scrivner: in india is the compassion for understanding less than feeling more
reader: sometimes I wonder if they are mispelled
reader: but when I look them up... they are there, existing
scrivner: sometime perchance
scrivner: i would read from the dictionary of the deranged and find the words of madness for thee
scrivner: for only when we forget our lexicon can we find the words that express this passions tome
scrivner: i was borne to the language of my hearts expresssion before i was taught the letters of my empire
scrivner: but in our love i was struck dumb and blind and have yet to completely understand the magical lilt of words loves fancies
scrivner: and now you would leave me unanswered and impatient for thy response?
scrivner: what manner of beast i have been saddled to that would march on while i am stuck in the deepest rut of meandering expectations
reader: I have tears flowing
scrivner: ahhh love
reader: my heart is wide open
scrivner: that is words enough from thee
scrivner: i too can erase what would be
reader: You are going through all this, my heart and Soul are traveling with Thee from weeks touching the infinite space and Loving all that has been created and I sit in Awe absorbing the Mighty Divine Love Making
scrivner: and send whatever else remains
reader: everything is becoming still
reader: yet in this stillness is the Mighty Vibration that comes like a tornado and takes us with it
reader: and we are swept away
reader: gone
scrivner: i wish you my grandest explanation for the state of my decanted recitations of milton and blake and goethe
scrivner: but i am undone with that and left to my own inventions of paradise tossed and empires rejected
scrivner: your heart is moved by my words and that comes to be what i am feeling is true
reader: yes
scrivner: for what are words but the realization of our own power to manifest anything anytime anywhere for anyone
scrivner: and what of limited divinity
scrivner: was that fun for you?
reader: yes
reader: hehehe
reader: i stopped in the middle and then to go back and read the whole thing again with the flow
reader: had to go back
scrivner: good
scrivner: for if one glance were enough then i have not made myself clear
reader: I feel all the layers of your experiences
scrivner: and that is the real intangible
scrivner: the feeling of deeper meanings and forces at play
scrivner: how to make that part of the words without writing it out
scrivner: leaving everything to the readers imagination
scrivner: pray tell the religion works without this triumph of the bastard son of man perched atop a crucifix of gold
scrivner: where in this sentence is there meaning
scrivner: how can there be deciphered the true direction of the images
scrivner: how many lines are writ in the unwinding of this coil
scrivner: and yet is simply the words i choose in my madness
scrivner: like a color slapped on canvas and what is not wrought means that much more
scrivner: for business is found hungry for thy pence and the little you choose is the rest of her purse emptied
scrivner: pray quell this rabbles mouth and stuff thy sock in a barrel of vinegar for their troubles
reader: here is another post
scrivner: it has grown with our loving conversations length
scrivner: pray refresh and repast
scrivner: for here are we in light of our discerning wariness for lifes sudden risings
reader: I love the picture on your posting site
reader: Loves inspiration
reader: I can stare at it for hours
scrivner: yes i am never tired of you
reader: its Love
scrivner: its mine heart resplendent with realization and a weariness that fulfills love
scrivner: for in thy beauty is a timeless source of true understanding of this lifes meaning
scrivner: thank you for that perfection
scrivner: and of course
scrivner: thank the photographer
reader: hehehe
reader: yes
scrivner: for that is a moment that he shares as are my words everymans bounty
reader: there is perfect perfection in the picture
reader: each thing
scrivner: and i see it as well
scrivner: and chose it for that reasons meaning
scrivner: i can never go past that image and not be found in your closed gaze
scrivner: hold soft thy adoring face and rest thine eyes from perfections form surrounding thee
scrivner: thy thine thee
scrivner: all seem so perfect when i speak of you
scrivner: for you are thee divine meaning of my hearts aspiration
scrivner: today i am lost in my foundling journey to understanding what gifts man has bestowed on the leavings of our passage
scrivner: for we travel and go beyond yet never looking back to find if there is a wake of love expanding
scrivner: the next soul and the next as we push our wearisome way through the regimen of social chemistry

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