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Monday, March 1, 2010

touches me

from your heart
to my soul
to the words that flow
to be forever
a practiced master
at your temple
be thy true self to all
and thine only self for me
there is no doubt or faltering
in the souls you love
my divine soul
is your divine love
we create that
which is unknowable
expression and manifestation
nothing touches me
but thy divine love
i am so moved
our meeting
union of souls
my heart so melted and opened
all else is but
my path to you
across the emptiness of the high desert
to the altar for your being
let the true light of divine shine
without boundaries
there is no air
but your love
your vision blessing
my eyes unblind
in your hands of love
your light will carry
never leave
but be always going
for my heart is enraptured
in our farewells
in my heart
you are held
forever close

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