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Thursday, March 25, 2010

upcoming passage

past writings seem so expansive
so full of what i am so rich with the very meaning of why i exist
and then there is now
the morning after morning aware but not sleeping
alive but not feeling
is there something missing or am i on schedule
it seems the upcoming passage is reaching back in time to now
to make preparations, make small changes in my approach
and retreat
where there was a place to go now there is only here and now
and its a wall and its green and there are few things that distinguish it from any other moment
but i am alive without all the trappings
the expectation the hope the feelings that are the brushstrokes of awareness's sisters
consciousness is relaying the signal
it has no attachment to my ideas of time or space so it evolves from sources displaced
the future is already here and what has happened is changing with it
i remember who i will be and forget the feeling that i have been as the poles of past and yet to be converge and infiltrate this moment
empty i reach where there is my bag filled and grasp at the wisps of tomorrows memories

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