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Sunday, March 7, 2010

i thee me

there are signs
all over there are symbols
progression of change
lights in the sky of humanities desires
what is going on there
life is frightening and then death
its a suicide run
we all know when it is time to go
but we kid ourselves into not believing it
the world is a cloud
we are water vapor
we are our dreams
sensing the truth
waiting for everyone to know
you have already written the secret of love
there is no end only ignorance
blind desires
what could that be
all like a child with her mommy
or her lover
or her husband
or herself
it is the love
it radiates like a glowing orb filling the square of the distance inversely
we are glowing and then fade in the distance
you live in the furnace
it gets cold
out here
we radiate our own essence but it is overwhelmed by his and you stop relying on yourself
and become addicted
something I know about
you kick the hard stuff when its gone
it feels like pain sweet pain
we talked about this when you were here
what happened
2 months ago
thee: well...
thee: I feel pressure
thee: as if He is standing on me...
thee: I feel I am holding Him...which is strange
thee: I feel this pressure
thee: pressure to transform
thee: transform everything and everyone on earth
thee: 70 years seem nothing
thee: and I have been hurting a lit...
thee: lot
thee: i can't get out of bed in the morning...
thee: i am in pieces
thee: I feel as if I am holding everything
thee: everything is in my hands

this is your worldly nature
the force of life flows through you
you strive to experience its infinite power
and feel responsible for those it touches
as if with great awareness comes great responsibility
something needs you
everything needs you
but it is just the universe surrendering
we are fulfilled complete eternally
the mind alone suffers
not just the ignorance of love
it would be so simple to lift the blindfold
to see the sun glorious
and you go blind from the brilliance
in the world of the blind souls
we are never in the dark
the "real" world
is a madhouse with all the windows and doors gone
but no one ever leaves
its too much fun to feel crazy pain
to be overwhelmed with emotion
there is no more only
in love
it is on or off
never knowing what love is
and feeling all the time
that is crazy
most lives are boundaries in the ocean
scared love
sacred love
there is no end to knowing
only knowing being
be loving
thee: Surrender....there is NO other way...Surrendering is the key
i gave at the office
you are the poster child for surrender
yet it is never easy
for we give our flesh so they could eat
our blood so they do not thirst
and yet it our soul they hunger for
and therein lies the rub
for is not our given soul theirs also
is not our very hearts chalice their home
there is no hunger only illusion
surrender is surrender to the true
never looking from the light
be caught
be gone
be there
we live near not far but always connected
it is a small place we choose
so we can know separation
but never be gone
we live inside each other
and see different stars
thee: i always talk about you to Him
thee: and always it is special
and me to you
thee: i get tears
you make me feel good you know that
i swore to you long ago in another life this would come to pass
and you would live to be free
thee: to wrap up Mariscos, Baxter, many other evenings, clairvoyant training, words is impossible
we are magical because we never broke our promise
even when we hid from each other
thee: each moment opened infinite
still does
a pocket full of stardust
thee: each word spoken wrote books
i see our auras bending round the world
there is no barrier
we created this life
thee: i know what He does to me in the subtle plane
thee: yes

it must be very subtle
thee: He was always with us
HE always is and SHE
thee: i mean the force
me too
we are THEY
and THAT
sing me sweet song my mockingbird for the woods grow chill and dark
thee: last week He saw the Mother come to Him and when She turned around, it was my face...
its like a movie we all play the lead roles
thee: Tom... how? I don't understand this whole thing
is that not your face i see in every shadow in every hollow eyed stare from a urchin in the street
begging for lifes sweet treasure
thee: it that not your love i feel in every shadow in every hollow eyed stare from a urchin in the street
you have tapped into the source it is now imprinted with your texture
you are printing love
with the stamp of your force
on every petal of the lotus
and it unfolds infinitely
i see it in the clouds and the sunrise and the mountains and the rivers
thee: it is your Love...
you are the flame burning everything
thee: Love that flows from your heart everytime I touch a moment with you
what is there to understand
thee: you have the heart...i hold the key
understanding is cheap
it makes things smalll
without mystery things become ordinary
thee: yes
we are overwhelmed by what we do not understand it consumes us pleasures us
thee: i want to talk to you more
thee: or you can keep writing...i will be back

thee: no byes
the one we adore is her COSMIC FORCE the baleful and divine fire
when first i heard the song the melody so fine the words enchantment
i realized that was all for me
i heard the only song there is and now all songs seem the same but for that one that never ends
and we dance
and we sing
and we live and love to such sweet music
never ending mystery
divine intoxicant
slowly we play becoming what we do not understand
for only there do we find ourselves
in a moment of pleased recognition
we are our dream come true
and our master and our love and our saint
i am you inside out upside down and backwards in a room full of mirrors and windows
holding my hand we are one dream dreaming another
thee: dance of Love in the infinite space
words flow to the beat of the heart
heat and dust and time filtered through sunlight and monsoons
weeds grow and water swells to find higher ground
because it must
thee: i can touch your being as it is all I know
there is the pressure of a million souls surging into matter imposing willful
creating this dream of a billion dreams
i feel it always
like living at sea
i see the lights too
different colors and white
and everywhere i hear the voicess
the children with hands and eyes looking
seeing what others feel
knowing what others think
touching where others feel
are you there yet
is it midnight at the first moment of time
thee: are you not getting my messages???
not reading only typing
no messages since the one when you got back
and that one now
no matter you are writing all this
this is all you
upside down and inside out and stretched across a table
i can wait forever and have before
i have spent a moment in infinity and it never ends
i am there now
are we still in love?
or is it only i
loving me perfectly
i will love me forever and never stray from me till death do us part

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