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Saturday, March 13, 2010


that which is given
gives love
that which gives loves
feels everything intensely
i am in love with this sad story for i have lived it many times
strangely evocative and moving in its doom and certain suffering
here is man in his life cast out from the garden
as you say
under the influence
of mercury
i love you with the errant song of yesterdays denied
and this the last day for all we know
i again sing to thee without sadness
without any of the memories of happinesss
but to my miracle renewed in your sweet devotion returned
we place hands together and love whatever comes
renewal comes from the fall of love into the regions of the flesh
and the pure devotion and trust that such perfection can never be denied
for having loved and never strayed from the temple of its sacrament
gods simplest beggar is never far nor ever barred from loves communion
in this confessional of our hearts truth we speak of every sin imagined
and through the masked divide we seek resolute penance and contrition
four our fathers and a rosary of conditions as priest and penitent part
and i step forth from the sin of loves restitution and step into thine heart

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