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Thursday, March 11, 2010

new hearts

is my love gone
is she lost to me for reasons i will only think of
when i see her some day long from now
and never soon and forever far
there a winking eye and a hungered breath
will catch a sight of her sweet form alive
and gone from thinking where i felt her near before
instantly i would sense her energy uncoiling
like a summer bean plant toiling in the gardens rows
marry not and tarry not
for the sweet breezes turn to hurrying storms
and she is gone and torn from here
for what is never clear
but is always far and never near enough
for my faint heart to follow
i see her like i see the swallows come
and nest and field their hatchlings
singing till the tempest rings
with falls bequest of tempered skies
and leaves of red and yellow fire
and all the trees undressing
now through a frozen winter where
lost loves coal embers in the stove
and chill mornings breath fills
with wondrous clouds of steaming teas
and poured black coffees ground rich and strong
summers seasoned wood now chopped and stacked
braced with canvas oiled and lashed
for winters wet and cold are coming
from northern winds with icy haste
and here the handmade woolen mufflers
hardy socks under pulled on boots
with bright mittens over chilly fingers
and knitted hats of every color hung over
fireplaces stoked with red chimney faces full
and pungent smoke racing from their towers
love is in the warming bundled comforters
and downy resting beds of sturdy wooden nights.
filled with punkin headed children studying
and fathers reading glasses perched under bushy eyes
reading late into the quiet
dark solstice night comes early dark
and for every cheery heart is met
with a red faced smile brought
all the family dressed in christmas reds
hike through paths piled deep in snow
to sing the herald songs anew
and see the ornaments of plenty glow
for in the quiet of winters sleep
where lovers dream their hearts complete
morning brings the promise of spring
full with endless loving keeps
everything this winters wait has saved
neath cold and wet and snowing
the seed of love is buried deep
and our new hearts are growing

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