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Monday, March 8, 2010

controlled unconciously

its the center of the brain where all learning and original input occurs from the listening center of the lower brain which can never be turned off and from the center of the middle of the brain where all learning begins and in that motion the bacteria becomes directed based on patterns of self that are destructive and result in the self victimization of the psyche.
this is the patterns from the first impulses of the concious mind engendered from the patterns of how we shape information so it can be stored in our brain and used in our bodies.
she attaches the energy as it first enters the brain. first from the area of the imagination where we learn to conceive of what the input is, this flows directly through the medulla cortex that is linked to hearing and travels into your nervous sytem which regulates all autonomic activity.
that pattern creates responses that are controlled unconciously which have self destructive impulses and cause the body to feel helpless and victimized
this occurs on a cellular level and results in the fight and flight chemicals to be released continually in response to these autonomic body regulators
that is why deep cleansing meditation is the only way to clear these patterns
they are controlled in areas of the brain and body that are not under concious control
complete relaxation and surrender of the concious and then the energetic cleansing of the nervous systema and the dna/rna transcript mechanisms
it is a visualization internally of the physical energy system and the devices that propogate their renewal
its a synthesis, there were classes on the dna cleansing and the release of concious control
this is what Mother was doing
during the next week you can take the time to explore your energy system
know that whatever you imagine it to be, it is
then you can work with that to bring about the result you want

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