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Monday, March 1, 2010

unborn manifest

other: Good morning
one: hello
other: Great day today
one: unbelievable time
other: settling into this new found peace and calm
one: that will suit you well
one: i am happy
other: tried to have a talk with my partner last thursday which didn't go so well then but things are progressing nicely
other: we are both seeing each other in a new light
one: that sounds promising
other: it's just like you said....the intense love for one is slowly changing into love for all
one: and that is a constant source of delight and pain
other: slowly learning the meaning of unconditional love
one: unconditional without the expectation of receiving
one: yesssss as the women tell me
one: there is but one love in us all
other: but what about the soul connection?
one: found mysteries unfold as naked souls entwine
other: i feel it's still there but i dont need to act on it
other: it's egotistical to think that we as humans know what the soul needs

one: all comes as a parade of wonders
one: we are created
one: and dissolved
other: the soul's fate has already been written...we are merely observers
one: time keeps us in longing
one: without it we are done
one: as each moment is revealed so are we created
one: souls like a zerox copy come forth each a brilliant match for all of us
one: in each one every truth is wrtten and in every heart a loving heart can see
other: i do not believe she sees that .... YET
one: we speak but have fogetten the truth
one: the meaning for why we are meant to be
one: when we find love in every soul we touch then we are come to completion
one: yet even then the task is just begun
one: for which hearts are still troubled and forgotten must also be found
one: and healed
one: and loved
one: until the time we spend is done
one: for every moment is a million blessings
one: each a miracle of our own creation
one: an explosion of possibilities we determine
one: we choose and we either create or destroy our very meaning
one: but the universe continues to give unending
one: unable to say no
other: where is the choice?
one: unable to deny
one: in you there is the power
one: the freedom
one: the force
one: and all things become the clay of our imagination
one: the unborn manifest of our desire
one: we live our simple lives
one: gods in sheeps clothing
one: understand we can bring love so strong into every interaction
one: and free each heart from empty satisfaction
one: as god would give man life so can man give god love
one: and in each of us is gods breath reborn
one: we are a ship of soul carriers transporrted to foreign shores
one: set apart and disguised by strange destinies
one: but revealed in every loving heart
one: in a smile a laugh a kiss
one: we are not many but only one
one: and where we find that moment inside each other determines how our life has meaning
one: for there is no meaning in all creation than to know the self as the creator
one: what power we yeild is to not frighten the loving souls we care for
one: i could not be here if not for love
one: i cannot spell but know well you understand my meaning
one: i only speak like this because you want to hear what is true
other: i feel the truth
other: thank you

one: all else is what we do to avoid this in our lives
one: be kind and be true
one: gentle and loving and always reach out with a compassionate soul
one: for those who have
one: never experienced this will be forever questioning your motives
one: but compassionate love surrenders
other: that's ok
one: the snow is like a blanket of love that unifies everything you see
other: the purity of the snow = purity of our hearts
one: we are immediately brought into the magic of its powerful silence
one: a wonderful gift that all can share
one: fill this vessel with every sorrow i have not seen and let me dream again the words that lovers know
be still my heart in flight untiring in its race to your only love
for there is the kingdom and the power that no man can conquer
and there i rest in your sweet love divine

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