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Thursday, March 18, 2010

experiences unremembered

when the memories of victories fade and the wealth of the plunder is at an end where does the feeling of emptiness begin
in the heart or the lung or the stomach ripe with disease
is every thought tinged with loss and anger for the end of madness overtaking and pure adrenaline thrills
the wars go ever on but warriors fade and die unspectacular accidents in their own productions
in this life i choose not to fight the battles that my masters deem required
i set away and wrote the stories that you read with ever fervent gaze
there is no other way to say this but i know i have done the battle a thousand times and died as many deaths for glory or for ignoble defeat
yet i am not changed or diminished by these
rather i am the proof of the victory of spirit and unchanging being come once more
in every life are the moments to make choices and to bring either new love or not
we create a world made of these moments and they become our souls manuscript
like the metadata of our experience stored eternally for our return
there is a manuscript being written for every soul a record of the loves and spiritual experiences that have deeply communicated the real expression of the being
in one life a soul may have found incredible union with another and that will be forever written and returned
and too man will express his greatest feelings that define his entire life and this will be recorded and resturned
and in this recorded history will be the moments when the soul was supreme over the things and functions humans fill thier lives with
and each life will be created from the history written
the lessons to be learned the love to be created and the souls to share with
so its the disturbing coincidence that peoeple feel they have known someone before or have a deep feeling for someone from seemingly out of nowhere, the feeling of past experiences unremembered
and the sudden realizations and life changing choices, those are brought with the beings return and programmed for this souls development
and what does it all mean
the work and the play and the life partners and the soulmates found and lost
where do we realize our path is set for us and the peoeple we need to share with are waiting
when the time comes there will be a realization that our lives have no meaning and that we have missed our way somehow, though its impossible to say what it is
but its real and it pushes us to look outside our comfort zone for meaning and experience that is somehow missing
to be alive to feel real feelings created from our own hearts
thats is the source of life
that is the love we create and the wicked passion that can create us
eaither way we step onto a path from which we cannot deviate and become
some new creation of ourselves
some increased sense of soul spirit and communion for our time here on this planet
and we write to the metadata of our being so that this will be noted and recalled and endure long past this too fragile flesh

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