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Monday, March 8, 2010

physical conciousness

it is the nature of reality that
every force is met by an equal and opposite force
that can only be overcome by not opposing
or through pure will and dint of force
that is the hard road
now is the time to get serious
this is important
freedom through restriction
most spiritual quests end up
in a morass of literature and nonsense
confusing and obliterating the experience
until there is no clarity
no connection to the moment that started it all
only by reaching for that which is true free inside
can we grasp what is beyond ourselves
gigantic powers are already granted
without your body you cannot attain what you seek
if there was an easy path would you take it?
stop thinking you need to change in any way
focus on your own well being
your perfection
the merger is inevitable
you have only to be alive
worry not
there are things you cannot control
in India the teaching is different
know that it is your decision to make suffering your path.
somehow the physical denial is what you exepected
as the cost of enduring the awakening
here the gurus are often exactly the opposite
self indulgence to the extreme
worship of the form
but this does not mean that true self love is wrong
worship of the physical being the temple of the soul
here is the crux of awakening,
for we awaken from death to the living
to the sleep of unliving awareness
there is only truth
but how we hold this is with our hands
our experience
the imprint of physical reality
on the layers of conciousness
actually creates gateways that would otherwise never exist
we find what is hidden through the veil of awareness
that we find in our physical conciousness
it evolves through our impressions from our senses
and ultimately it to is freed
and the senses are drenched in the rich impressions of the soul
and become the vehicle whereby the unmerged soul
finds release and ultimately
its reawakening
the body prepares us for the change
by being the object of resistance
and release
and restoration
without it there is no measurement
no identification
no change
focus on the point of failure
and see the identification with the process
the release of the toxins from the body
the letting go of the deluded elements of your spiritual awareness
the massive transfrormation produces floods of crystalized toxins
to be released through your skin and organs
all are being released from the organs and bloodstrem
your experience should be your guide
all your states are expressed through your body always
that has been your path
i see many parallels with the stories of saints
driven to physical ruin and pain
to cleanse and then restore
always forced to stop not by choice but necessity
the forces are many
some phyically driven others emotional
but all become a part of your dna
and express themselevs as you renew your cellular structure
which takes seven years
it is the cleansing process
but it is also a dangerous method
as the human self is overwhelmed with the release
you are washing the soul and the physical organs
with a power washer but the drain is clogged
all is balance
you have been bathed in negative vibrations
and flooded with great transforming experiences
but they all produce the harsh physical reactions
leaving behind the trappings of a normal life
for what can only be described as the cult life of the initiated
not an easy thing to understand even for those going through it
you need to sleep and I have been very diligently avoiding most of my work
you there?

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