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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ourselves multiplied

i am rung with the bell of my existence
the world flows through my incessant vibration
that which is known is done
that which i would want is gone
that which is mine i relinquish to all
for the passages to the end of knowing are short
days sometimes minutes
but in them we are forever gone
so in this short period of clarity and sweet respite
i send these messages to the dear ones and the brave
the thoughts we have of what we know of death are not able to stop its swift coming
nor will they be of any use in understanding its ascension when we are taken
the body and the mind cease as the spirit is recycled
and there is no more of who we are or wanted or thought
that becomes undone and we are alone without end
for what is life but communion and sacrament of friendship
why is life but to experience another living breathing other like i am
for in that connection we are made whole again and live in the delerious joy of being recognized and welcomed
we look into the others deep gaze and see our own self remade and returned
the hall of mirrors expands and we step down corridors of ourselves multiplied beyond infinity and know this too we are become
for there is no end to the tricks and games we play to forget the
we have become in waking from deathless sleep into
dreaming anothers grace upon us
where none has been before
the moment of awareness of self
singular and unchanging
divine or denied
neither matters for there is none to dispute what is our awareness
and the one that is the one is not amused
but is complete and without matter
no waking or desire can be
nor emptiness or fulfillment await
what diversion can exist where nothing has been created
what ascension or decline where nothing moves
what surprise or fear when everything is unknown
we are one and undone before beginning
and what we have become is the fools paradise
the moments forgetting where we came from and where we are returned and in that we are saved for this day for this wonderful life
our happy human family of seperations and meetings
holding and coming apart as if somehow we are different
somehow changed in the midst of living we are blessed with out knowing
there is no one to look to for understanding because the reason is the matter we understand without needing to be told
there is time and space for us to have our lives and that is enough for in the end
there is none

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