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Friday, March 19, 2010

creatures unknown

the taste of reality is a sweet elixir a sharp cup of go juice to the soul
where i wake up is the same and where i lay down is the same but in between its a crazy thing
i was in a saloon and there was this woman at the bar and we went down the dirt street to her room and there she took me into the back and pulled a gun. i remember she tied me up threatened me. it went on for hours and there was supposed to be someone come to end this but they never came and she started stabbing me and my chest was exploding, then i woke to my dim lited digital and saw i had been asleep for 2 hours wrapped in sweaty sheets and hot blankets
i knew this was going to be like all the rest
a work night
overtime in the dimensional time clock
your alive 24 hrs a day so you process for 24 hrs a day
then its the salesmen with bland demeanor and chewing gum
and the sunday worship in some southern town before the civil war
where the slaves are dancing in the fields and the corn pone is hot and covered with honey
and i am beaten with sticks for my sins and held upside down in a puddle of water
creatures unknown to me have reasons to meet with me and they are filled with lights
i tremble with fear and the craft they employ is silver
and then i am transported and the sky is not there anymore and only a glow lights the wide empty square without color but the feeling is enormous, and the air is missing with any smell just the thrum of the feelings
and there is the promised land without any question for is not fear abolished and the day turned into empty wishes
where are we now and what fear remains to carry your sins
for every pulsing thought is the signature writ wide upon my undying soul
and as i sleep they come for their due and their trade
and i would barter all night with the devil to have them put and done

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