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Saturday, March 20, 2010

love erupts

the graceless passage of this life
its complicated reactions and strongholds of fear
where is the movement we realize is coming
the emptiness seems to be the closest to our meaning
the fullness is waiting waiting for our reasons to end
when love erupts we simply move
there is no thought except that we cant understand
every cell yearns and burns as if we were fire inside
and there is no time but the distance to our desire
we find peace in the arms of love but nowhere else
yet the rest of our lives become meaningless and yet so full of purpose
as we move everything to know ourselves anew with love
is there meaning to our insatiable hunger for more love
we know there cannot be more or we surely would end
happy for once to die and yet never wanting seems absurd
when so much is offered
and are we really questioning what it means when all meaning is lost
or can we let this too go from our misguided lives
for the passage of love is the passage to loves realization
that life is the experience of union
the same union we have come from
and will return to
all else is waiting

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