loves inspiration

Monday, March 29, 2010

soul expiring

loves inspiration is gone
even the least of my exertions tires my soul
the world is wrapped in my exclusions
i seek the shore of denial and recede from the tide of withdrawal
all my limitations exceed my expectations
the path i came from is all thats left
to the west is excessive indifference
to the east rituals unending repetition
the air is smothering
i feel nothing but the lack of touch
the absence of desire
the retiring soul expiring
the very earth moves away from the soles my feet
where i go others disperse
and where i come there is no one
the sky seems full and the earth empty
if anger were the answer i would fail the test
even love is none of the above
where is the truth when the heart sits empty
where is the meaning when nothing matters
for it is not the opposite but the emptiness
the unfillable sieve of labor and death

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