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Saturday, March 20, 2010

brothers of the winds

psychicsense: and you would be thinking of your life as the reason to love or to be lost even as we move further from union with that which we are eternally
thoughts: Good morning
psychicsense: writing and evolving in the dark passage of day yet to come
just posting as you wrote this morning
amazing really
last night was the first i slept in a week
i have been desperately burning the karmas of past lives
preparing for my coming retreat
thoughts: that's great....i got that in your blog
psychicsense: it never stops now
thoughts: i've been having trouble with sleep for the past two weeks
psychicsense: as you connect to me so are you affected
thoughts: waking up almost every night completely drenched in sweat but i cant remember the dreams
i know it's some type of clearing

psychicsense: if you read and feel what i write then it will infect you at a subtle level
thoughts: your words are written as if they are for me personally
psychicsense: it creates connections to your psychic senses
thoughts: i am moved by each word
psychicsense: wonderful
then more will come
i have left all hope of being alive without the blazing energy i feel
thoughts: i'm learning just how powerful my ego can be to distort truth and reality
psychicsense: some point rational being is dissolved
yes you have thought to thank for that
all thought is ego
we are created in its image
but when the rational is tamed it can be transformed into a tool
but abandon all hope yee who would be free
for death is no mystery
and no rewards are due thee
what you bring you take all else is illusion
what i write becomes less a story of me and more everyones journey
thoughts: we are all one and the same
psychicsense: yet i am not gone or diminished
but secured in the cosmic awareness pervading all
the union we come from and return to is what we seek here on earth
in every heart is that waiting desire
expressed eternally in every song and thought
we search for it want it have it lose suffer for it it is all
but to know it from the universal is to become undone and one and yet somehow still immersed
the feelings never end the joy extreme and the pain perfected
for what is human life exalted but unending ecstasy
the transformation of the eternal to the particular
the explosion of the finite form being captured from the infinite
and hunger for that return
make no mistake this is the prison of the soul and its undying hope of liberation
what we hold in our hands is to us meaningless yet it is the heart of the meaning of existence
for that sense of holding is our experience of self reconnecting to the source in every atom of existence
and our consciousness races to the union with the consciousness of every infinite emptiness and matter created for our amusement
and we experience that which is infinite understanding from the experience that cannot be described
we are that
and the pull to know that to be that to have that is our fate
thoughts: should i be concerned with what's happening to me physically? any natural herbs or other supplements required?
psychicsense: meditation and exercise with a healthy diet are what is needed
thoughts: i've just read something about colloidal gold and silver .... echinacea, goldenseal etc.
psychicsense: i take echinacea and vitamin c every day
and vitamin b complex
for the stress wears down your immune system and depletes you
as summer has already returned here new viruses are coming and soon they will invade everyone
so be prepared to strengthen your immune system and meditate everyday
psychicsense: i am every day in the meditation room as soon as work is done
thoughts: i will start doing that also
psychicsense: do not put metals into your body
thoughts: no benefits at all?
psychicsense: you attract energies
that are in the metals
wearing them has similar effects
thoughts: ok
psychicsense: the metals that have existed in the earth since the eruption of the sun are conciousness of a different order
we are not similar but can call on them for energies that compel the forces of nature
for they are the properties of the earths body born from the incredible birth of the sun
and they are brothers of the winds and rains and lightening
as men ingest these forces they too lose their human soul and become at the will of these energies
thoughts: "healer" said to imagine golden energy coming thru crown and silver energy coming in thru root during meditation
psychicsense: that is correct
for these are the light wave vibrations not the minerals
these colors are expressions of higher vibrations
not the solids
the silver color is the earth energy the vibration of the life energy that unites all living forces on earth
the golden cosmic is the saturation of the universe compressed into human awareness
both are extremely powerful
and when mixed together they allow our being in a body to fully realize his consciousness on the physical and higher cosmic planes of existence
thoughts: i have always hated being in the sun...but for some reason I can feel it's energy coming in the last two days....feel drawn to being outside all the time
i can feel the warmth flowing thru me

psychicsense: good that is your receptors opening to new energy sources
you will find less reliance on food and chemicals
and more on ethereal sources of energy
you will in fact create your own energy and not rely on what you have all your life
thoughts: will the physical body suffer?
psychicsense: no only experience drops as you feel less connected
you still must eat
but it wont be an addiction
it will be to please the body
thoughts: i understand desire to eat
psychicsense: when hungry do
when not be peaceful
thoughts: had an interesting past life experience during meditation a couple of weeks ago
psychicsense: your life is the arc of all creation becoming known becoming accepted and becoming alive for you
thoughts: i was in a prison about to be executed for practicing magic....this was in Merlin's timeframe
psychicsense: yes consecrated man
where the religion treats you to its practice
where were you
could you tell
thoughts: somewhere in england....king arthur's time
psychicsense: the enlightenment that was only for the wealthy
all else pulled drayage by oxen to the masters holdings
thoughts: the last few "trips" have been very difficult to remember
i dont know if it's because i've gone very deep into subconscious

psychicsense: best to know that the past life experiences in your awareness are there to help you understand something that is coming up in your space now
thoughts: i'm getting the feeling that i dont need to know what's happened in order to release or clear
but it's the rational mind that needs to "understand"
is this required?

psychicsense: the feeling of being persecuted and not understood
that is coming up
and you have emotions tied to that from your past life experience
thoughts: so what's required to clear that?
psychicsense: so it is an opportunity to say hello to that and let them drain out of your current consciousness's
thoughts: is it awareness that it happened?
at a conscious level?

psychicsense: its is your higher self sending you signals to help you make sense of the emotions that are getting in your way today
for we feel inordinate emotions for small things in our current space
thoughts: this is where i get confused....when and where to turn the mind off
psychicsense: and its good to see that is not because of a comment someone made that we have these emotions
it is these indelible experiences that are imprinted on your souls record
you have to let the mind go
let it have its jabber and freak outs but watch it wind down
thoughts: but how do we "make sense of the emotions" while letting the mind go?
psychicsense: when you meditate the more you concentrate on the mind the more it holds you
you need to sink into the center of the brain and drop out of the area behind the forehead
then let go and watch its activity without thinking or reacting to the thoughts
there is a space in the very center of the head
thoughts: i get that part....i dont understand how you make sense of something without analysis
psychicsense: and you need to reside there to escape the minds tyranny
our intuition is perfect
the mind is not
as my spelling attests
thoughts: are you saying all we need to do is observe the thoughts and the analysis will happen on its own instead of making it happen with the mind
psychicsense: it is the intuition that is instantly connected to everything around us without thoughts trying to figure out how or why
when the athlete is in the zone they perform perfectly
there are no thoughts there
when the connection is unthought there is no separation
you want the connection not the diagnosis
thoughts: i got it
psychicsense: accept what is without trying to make it into something
thoughts: lost track of time....have to run
psychicsense: when we think about something we change it
just as described in the uncertainty principle
when a phenomenon is measured its state changes
so we do not know what its real state is by measurement
thoughts: well as the "observation" of the phenomenon
you cannot "see" a particle of light without changing it

psychicsense: we are nuclear physicists performing quantum mechanics on the universe
be aware that our touching the fabric of energy creates matter
thoughts: einstein really knew what it was all about
psychicsense: density
einstein was on to something
if you read that then you know
we create from our true nature that which is intrinsically perfect for our existence
and we have many opportunities to bring out the soul into our lives
no one is anywhere but exactly where they belong
nothing is wrong and nothing will ever be a mistake
everything exists perfectly in every instant of existence
and all our consciousness is creating this
for we are not the bodies we perceive in our physical selves
but collections of powerful energies loosed upon the universe of energy and flow
both exist intertwined and forever one
thoughts: have to run, late for a 2 hour yoga workshop....will really get the juices flowing today
psychicsense: go
have a rich experience
thoughts: thanks again for your wisdom and light
psychicsense: your psychic is primed for this

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