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Friday, March 19, 2010


the passion is for experiencing the sensations
whether real or imagined its the thrill of being physical
the sense of resistance
we try to go fast, why, is the threat of resistance overwhelming
where everything tries to slow you down and stop you
you see obstacles
i see a slow wall of energy in an opposite trajectory
and i turn it around like a toy
for the world is not the bodies and collisions we see all day but the physical representation of the energies loose in this universe converging here due to the inevitable law
anything that can happen can happen slower
when we are happy time disappears
we feel only unconscious rhythm and flow
we connect to the universal energy and go
unimpeded to the beat and the moment
for if happiness is denied then we are sad,
time seems overwhelming energy empty
we meet resistance to happiness we are beset with emotions
so it is the resistance that sets off emotions
the lack of resistance sends off the fewest emotions
so people that accept what is seem stoic and inscrutable
but they are just saving energy moving in the direction of least resistance
we who rant and scream at the forces that offend us
we are beset with resistance
so look at your life as the response to force
resistance or flowing

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