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Sunday, March 14, 2010

unmanifest awareness

between everything and what we experience is the limits of our understanding how we process reality, when light falls on the eyes we see, where there is no light we are blind. yet is there nothing but light and all else does not exist. is that which is invisible also true and loving? we find there is nothing before we find there is something, we never find just something without end.does nothing have an end? is that our reality, the end of nothing. the end of not experiencing, not understanding, not loving. where are we when we are here? is this a place or an experience. how do we process this information. we center our awareness in this swirl of sensory information, we add the thoughts and the memories that they conjure in the moment, we separate the physical from the mental from the emotional and then locate the balance of our senses to determine the proper structure of our reality. we choose the space and time location and formulate a nexus of the where and when the body is.this is what we choose for our existence. and where could we be if not here if not this compilation of determinations? how is this different from choosing an alternate set of conditions in the same composition. one where there is first a psychic awareness of the internal landscape. an awareness of billions of interconnected feeling and thoughts and emotions unending consciousness, dislocated from time and space and all energized from a field of unmanifest energy. and from there we swim through what can only be described as a soup of ever manifesting love, a source of unimaginable energy surging through every soul, every heart, every molecular minutia of existence, willing its manifestation and supporting its unending truth, the truth not of physicality but of pure energy transformed through the will, the desire of love to exist in every form imaginable, every possible reflection of that which is not opening to that which can be. and in that split instant of shift from unknowing to total awareness, everything completes. inside that instant before the shadow and light combine and close as the eye of being blinks in its dream of desire, there is the experience we imagine, the soul evolving awareness and seeking to manifest that instants desire in everything imaginable and then to be absorbed, returned, experience merger of the light and the unlight, the known and the unknowable, to become both and the only one in unending completion of all and none. how is this experience less real then the one our hands and feet and eyes tell us. as we stand or sit in perfect time and space, are we any less than the perfect realization of the generation of all existence by the formless unknown. do we not bring the essence of our being to everything we experience and take every intimate touch, every casual thought, every dreams remembrance with us throughout our entire cycle of awareness, and does this not then return from where we came, the source of life, loves existence, which sends us on this journey and then calls us to return, full and human, back to the wash of undifferentiated awareness, not determined by physical boundaries but rather pure unmanifest awareness absorbing all that we had absorbed and feeding it back into the matrix of what is manifests destiny uncreated undetermined until we bring our living awareness alive once more into the moment that the unknowable awaits.

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