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Friday, March 19, 2010

lovers eyes

and where my heart would go there is my path
the road to the end of my days but not my meaning or purpose
for in my heart there is the doorway to my soul and to the soul of every atom of existence
for it is not just the living that live or the breathing that enjoy life
but every thing that we see or touch or feel or imagine is imbued with consciousness
which connects to every bit of consciousness throughout all existence
when you look into your lovers eyes to see into that well of love of existence of connected being emerging
there is the shine of our existence the meaning of our coming together
here now in this world in this galaxy in this universe of possibilities
we have arrived and are finding what that means not in the sense of a location or a body or a time
but to our awareness that we are come to understand as our realization that we have a purpose a soul we share and it is that which our heart knows and brings us to find in every heart we look for
why do we need love, need communion, need intimate sharing to exist
so we can know god in our hearts
in our doorway to our souls we are offered a chance to become lovers where there were none before

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