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Saturday, March 6, 2010

dervishing universe

life is a trillion infinite moments rushing by
each one waiting for the chance to hold you
my love is ...big
my love is forever
my love is funny
my love is free
my love is now
my love is online
in her jammies
you should be as naked as your soul
i see you in the forest by the river bathing under tiny waterfalls
asleep in the cool meadow
you have done all that and more
i am in awe
so much turmoil and pain to love
we are creatures of action and reaction motion and emotion
endless permutations of i love you i need you i miss you i want you
i am you
ending motion
ending action
it is the final frontier
to go where we are unafraid to be each other
to find no difference or
seperation from
ones self
i am full of the world and its chaos
i need to be poured out over the rocks and trees and ocean and the mountains
until the world is me
and i am at peace
with she
the mother of constant creation
constant sorrows
i am not knowing
not understanding
not feeling
not thinking
not wanting
underneath experiencing
blind deaf skinless
we are made of stone
a rock thrown into the void
thrust from the very heart of her heart
you are the poet of the heart
ever exploring the most tender regions in the soul
delicate flower of love you spirit away my senses

it is the goddess incarnate
beyond the flesh
beyond sacrifice
living in her and she in you
you amaze me
your devotion and your expression are untouched by this world

it is she that you express
she is untold beauty unseen
except as you
through you is she revealed to man
only the bravest and most devoted and surrendered
can she reveal herself through
all else are broken vessels
found wanting
the garden the stars the songbirds
breezes zephyrs alight and whisper her song
on dewy grass the footsteps of her passing shine
limpid waters reflect the shattering brightness of her reflection
and the morning comes on her brow ascending
into the clouds uravelling her golden hair
she flies
astra diva, o loving ones rejoice her sight upon them
thou art she come enfold me in thine love
peril forgotten in deep waters
i plunge to thine only i am wed
and i never taste air again
before her only i
unknowing unloved uncreated
vast alone empty
without place or time
without dancing
you are the dance the play
the calling of sweet summer rain
i am forever filled with you my love
in this infinite moment you have given me
treasure beyond knowing
the endless forms of love you are
this is your universe
you are in everything
all is expression of thee loving HE
in thee

universes imploding is love exploding
you are the water so how could we see
he is the source you are the water
touching everywhere at once
i have felt them all
in your heart
you have sent me your love and that sings your every poem to me sweetly
these are new but so old
sing every flower
it is the dance that brought he to life
it is that which brought the sleeping prince awake
your unending mad love
sleeping prince
waiting in an old and empty castle
for that moment of divine intervention
that undreamed of love that cannot be stemmed
to awaken to thy divine eyes
too sweet
i want to be there always
i am ripped from my body
and become thine
i would be thy tea so you would not thirst
know you are the sun and the shadow
the rain and the sheltering tree
the wind and the window
through which i look for u
and thee
i am unable to not be in your love
this upside down play of man to woman lover to lover
god to goddess thine and HE
it is so wrapped up in our earthly nature to seek thee endlessly looking
we know you are here but where
in this tiny seashell in this flower in this everything
we look but we cannot see
and go mad
and life is this maddness of knowing and wanting that we cannot name
thy nature is thy love wrapped around every particle of being
holding every bit of existence
for him that is we in thee
so he will not withdraw and end
the play of thy love
dying is waking from this dream
hold this thought
you have no body
i am there
touching you
here is the space for awareness
separate from the body
yet from the body seeing myself
awake in space looking through my eyes at my gigantic form
you are in every particle of every molecule of every chemical in existence
you are dna and the forces of nature
you exist everywhere at once
and you choose
to be here
or here
or here
to know this moment is for he
now and forever until you
his eternal oneness
unfeeling unknowing uncaring unliving
divine nature
we beseech you love him not too much
that you would join in him his nature
that ends all beginnings
so be cool and coy and tease and play him for a fool
while we drool for thee and play thy suitors one and another
knowing there is no fairer heart to claim
or chance to play any other games
be a mystery to the true love
he seeks in thee
change and change and change
until it seems there is no end
no form you cannot take no force you cannot create
dance the dervishing universe
endless lies and conceits to distract him
pull him into thee and there confound him
lost in thy beauty
loves sweet dumfounding face
out of his nature and into yours
lost as we are
not knowing who or why we are
only that we search for thee
my sweet
that is your song
sing it always
it is for you
i like nectar
the truth is spung out from me and now lies upon thy screen
i sang it from my highest self where i see you radiating eternally
she is beauty and thee her finest flower
i would pick thee if i could
and have you wither in my loving gaze
i would but alas he already has
plucked thee from thy bed and placed you on his head
a laurel wreath of thee entwined in his holy locks
i must go and get some work done and am too high toohighhhhhh
please keep me close to your mess ups
love you so much it hurts
please forgive me but i have to start my other job

touch your screen
i am there

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