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Saturday, March 13, 2010

loves forgiveness

by measure of mans meaning
we are poor beasts rutting
careless in a field of plenty
uncaring for our fortune or our worth
once taken by force
we aquiesce and sing for our masters
for every scrap we can wheedle and cajole
yet i see a different beast coming
a tiger of intellect
and a master of emotions gaurded
every thought sparks a new intuition
and every sound a paranoid suspicion
a quivering maelstrom of hunger wanting
and fear under a mantle of agression
and here the force is wicked
and loses no minutes in contemplation or play
the man of this world has become
the criminal of the divine
for he would preach the soul of man
is bitter and lost
unworthy of a moments thought
and only the things he holds
are the treasure he can claim
and so he does in vast amounts
without a care for any
that he would destroy along the way
they call them society's children
and sociopaths of the cloistered privileged
they would hold what cannot be theirs
and strike down any that speak against them
let this be their epitath
for in death they are surely brought down
and everything taken
and for the space of a single life
of ransom and dark glory
they will endure an eternity
of painful seperation
from their own hearts connection
a billion lifetimes of pain
without knowing why
and never a love that is true
or a heart that cares
let them be their own reward
and die without the toys they so adored
until the final understanding
leaves them caring for every heart
with so much love and affection
for the pain they brought unending
and to none can they feel close
for their fate is always to be wronged
no matter what good they do
until in some distant land
where love and truth and virtue
are held high from every heart
and into their sweet compassion
he might come
and they would kiss the lepers boils
and cleanse him with undying love
that he has never known before
and when such stories are told
the ending would be his fortune gained
he would spend lifetimes in this service beyond counting
and be forever kissing lepers
and preaching loves forgiveness
to lowest of the low
until god himself
could no longer be offended with his sins
and bring him back to his divine love
that is more precious than all the gold
for which he suffered untold sorrows

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