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Saturday, March 13, 2010


whatever time is spent in devotion, prayer,
meditation of the divine
that we experience in this life
that is the benefit
the addition
the building of love
for our highest aspiration
of self and creator
not the quick fix
of a hungry injection
or toke of musky herbs
or some sniff of a powder harsh
and an instants relief
but rather the long slow climb
of the mountains of the heart
where we claim step by step
that which we are becoming
until finally with sweet resolution
we are atop
and owning the proud moment
where all else falls away
and we are revealed to our true love
and maker of every feeling known to our existence
and there is only thy self alone
atop the pinnacle of consciousness
stripped of every artifice
and baring itself to the cosmic winds
where dark blue skys reach through
to stars in the daylight
and in that moment
everything is revealed as true
without measure or limit of mind
in your final moment of achievement
high above all you have ever known,
the gaze of an instant
is to the center of your heart
unerring and true
everything comes back to you
without the relics of attachments
or the the trappings of the clergy
there is your divine nature
untouched unfaded
by whatever the journey has taken

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