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Saturday, March 20, 2010

sins of the body

my love my love my love
what is this insanity called a body
the blood and tissue of our being
for you it has been trying to be loved as much as you love
everything is upside down the pain the suffering as you destroy your self even as you love more
your body the part of you that is not perfect not made of spirit and love is destroying itself to protect you
for all the love you gave your body was the traitor
now after all these years it has names, diseases, auto immune some how making it more real more irrevocable
but i see only love where there is pain only your hearts intention where there is unintended acts of penance
for the body is the spirit made flesh, the very mold of your being come to light and matter
your spirit is suffering as is your body for sins of others visited upon you
and taken on out of love
here there is the truth of your sacrifice
for your love is so strong you would be the one to make others innocent while you feel their punishment
yes you need to love yourself for all you have taken on in this life and from the past lives where you also felt this
your not guilty of anything but love and all its failings
to love too much too long and without measure
love abandoned and love renewed love for the unloved and the callous love for everyone but yourself where there is still doubt
and words dont make a lie and lies are never wrong for they are the truth to those who can feel their pain
and this lie is true
you love others more than yourself
and this has been the manifestation of their feelings returned
and you have accepted this
into your body and your being
and it was never yours but theirs in you that your body is trying to destroy
and in your own heart the doubts and fears and anxieties are mine also, for i too have felt them and you have them as your own
and i take them back everyone of them
every doubt, every feeling of my shortfall being yours
every lack of love coming from myself and my heart
i take back my energies that i have projected on you and you have given only more love in return
for you would love me such that i am your self when you are so much more and that is why i am so unworthy to give you any of my lower feelings or pain for they become yours in the instant i create them
and this is with someone who only wants love only wants to give love and i know there is a price for your affection and affliction
for every soul you have brought into your aura there has been a price for you and one you have taken on since birth for this is not just this life but many
my sweet saint and adored lover my mother and beautiful child
all these you are to so many and they know you take the karma on yourself and do not send back blame or pain for their sins
so you die inside piece by piece in perfect sacrifice and loving pain for all for every loved one of us who can only love you back in our imperfect ways
forgive us our sins and help us forgive others

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