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Thursday, March 11, 2010

daily feeling

posted every sense and sweet
i am in awe of my love and where are you?
lover: just came from Wal Mart
lover: how are you???

so in love
i meditated after work
and then saw your note on the IM
and i was sent away
from that which is here and there to that which is what it is
all my time
lover: sent away?
with a heart unwoken and and a heart taken and broken
lover: Love you
in every part of me love stricken
i wrote as i new i would
you liked it
i know
i am dying with the truth
speak to me you
speak your words to sooth my soul speeding to you
i think in every minute i am destroyed
lover: yes
lover: I am too
lover: everything is so intense

for none could feel loves truth and be left to live denied
lover: yesss
intense you felt my blood gushing and the wound widened
what joy is pain
lover: and pain, joy
what lust desire felt undending
for i am trapped in the deadly fantasy
the feeling of being supremely alive
near every opening concealed
in your arms i die and left knowing i am the maker of love
of love and every lovers desire
lover: yes
lover: you are a beautiful Lover

i slept until i died your sweet love left me living
and now i am finally knowing what god suffers
his own creation seduces my only wanting pain
when love came there was light and creation unknown in all wonder
and my heart wanted to die before this could kill my every found desire
lover: yes
and there you were alight and annointed and undying
wistful and secretly lifting my heat
only this made living life
loving love
feeling your sweet seduction
lover: Thou Art Love
lover: in that I become Beloved, Lover

is it you or am i left to wonder till my endless day
returning and returning in trembling passion
reliving one moment created alone and unending perfectly expressing forever melting
lover: YES
what mention can man have in the play of heaven
meaning found and left behind
lover: yess
ok you are right i am too gone to be alive
too done to begin
too lost to be found
lover: YES
what is this i have nothing but everything is mine
lover: and we meet in the Lostness, where it begins and where we are just becoming alive
i feel the earth is our nest our home our recluse and passion
eden unleashed
and there is no mystery but why i cannot die
peace and love sweets
lover: Thou Art Love
lover: meet You in dreams

this is every acid dream and surrender of sanity come to find meaning without form
i bleed from my eyes and see with my heart
lover: LOVE YOU
lover: You are SO beautiful

and thine self is so loving to me
lover: You have gone step further from me
lover: if I am anyone to measure Love

i feel your every heartbeat every breath and thought
your touch is loves whisper in my ear
lover: You are precious
you fill my every thought with love
i can never know waking without you
lover: and You, MINE
be my sacred transport and fly me to our loves sweet end
lover: have a wonderful peaceful night with Thy Beloved
lover: YESSSS

night funnyface
lover: nite nite
i giggle you not
lover: hehehe
lover: You are precious

my munchkin love

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