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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

divine play

to my soul there is only your sweet fragrance of subtle temptation surrounding me
where this song of my poet heart flows there waters deep and clear fill empty reservoirs with love
i am completely open to the psychic
a powerful antennae
i feel everything
and the force flows through me
i sit in the meditation room
i am amazed as it flowed unconscious from my heated fingers
to you my love
you are my divine self returned
your love is a beacon in the darkness and i feel it so powerful
we are one signal amplified by each others motion
when i meditate the force descends
i am covered in honey and heat
in you i see the force rising flowing upward
like a volcano
divine: I bow down to the Love that flows through Thee
and my heart is only thine love returned
divine: as that is "I", the mighty Force of nature
all things imagined flow from this force
we center on the being and feel the power of awareness
we share our conscious natures and sleep in each others dreams
for when i am free i travel into the land of goddesses and gods untroubled and loving
all things made perfect for us
and never ending delight
fearless maiden of love
my hearts mistress and keeper
for we come and go like fireflies in the night
my heart jarred and alight
divine: what is my fear?
I MUST RISE ABOVE THIS and stay there as Love is ALL there is
I have been watching myself and your statement is ringing in my Being

you have always been ferocious with me
divine: You have brought me thus far and I KNOW You will take to the highest
I cling to one line and listen as it is only spoken for me
and I must bring out the fearless NAKED SOUL
that's what I hear in your voice
and it has lifted me so much
so many samskaras have vanished

i will be forever in your heart always your source of true love
divine: fear of judgements
today is a beautiful morning...

when i see you i am thrown to the heavens with such force i never understand
divine: hmmmmmmmmmm
I still don't get that hehehehehe

you are the meaning of love revealed to man
from mother to her children in your light and form
it requires only that you breathe and take in the universe and then exhale your love back
i know you feel the simple child of nature is how you see yourself
but you have the heart of the dragon the tiger
divine: when I have felt low, I think of Thee and it gives me meaning to Live
that Heart I want to bring out... it is getting there

i am so glad i can give what you need
divine: You have given me life
and Love
what more can anyone ask for
I am alive because of Thee

i will promise to keep my practice and be humble with your loving offerings
and you me
i would give you more than that if you would find you have room
divine: You offered not only Thy Heart and Soul but the material and took care of me without caring what your family thought...
i live in your love
i am as much a receiver of your love as you are of mine
divine: the comfort with you is unbelievable
we are made perfect in our touch
all that masks the being falls away
we are found and never lost
divine: 2002-2004, you loved and nurtured me... 2004-2009, you held me in Thy arms... 2009-2010, we fell in Love again
i can play with you and be so perfectly serious in the same moment
yess i am in love all over again and more than ever before even though i never thought that possible
i am truly swept across the world through oceans of unending love
divine: me too
all that is human is destroyed and brought back renewed and loving
without you
i would be swimming alone
a man in search in quest in wondering
in you i am forever found purposeful and know meaning that holds all creation
where there was understanding now there is sharing hearts entwined
pleasure undenied in your loving caress and sweet words
i am found anew and in you i am complete and resurrected
do not deny this is your force creating my loves ascension
for what could it be if not you and where would it be if not here
divine: I wish I could hug you right now
tears flowing
smile on the face

me in this world touching you in yours
i am found in you and i open my heart for you always
divine: the thick cord from here touched Thy Heart and the current is blowing me away
for you are the love of mother and child and lover and sister and my hearts true reunion
i am love in your honor i do perform this play of masks and serenades beneath your altar lit on high
let this be your pleasure to find me amusing and delightful for in your response is my every desire
i believe shakespeare is writing my love sonnets for thee
for where these words flow from i will never know
divine: it is Shakespeare and Sri Aurobindo and Einstein and every author, writer, lover, poet, philosopher
but to you they are struck forth with wings of eagles hearts and the fury of the northern storms to find you wherever you may tarry
divine: every writer writing through Thy hands
I travel with your words

savitri is but a heart in flight to your glowing fire
where man would find gold so does the heart find thee
and such precious form and sweet delight can never be made in script or painted canvas
here is the heart undone and strung from the sun to come back remembering the one i am flung unending to your loving arms
i speak to hear your sweet breath upon my empty ears
where sound is created i hear only your heart beating with an unending supply of your love
i would overwhelm you with my heart but
i only want to be your lover gently looking into your eyes
holding your loving hands in mine
divine: River's End
in solitude of togetherness perfected
divine: time stretched
divine: unfolding
every moment

melting feeling perfecting
that which is beyond measure or knowing
divine: YES, Love is THAT
our love is unknown
it is free from description or understanding
and it is secret
you to me to her everlasting blessing
chosen but not knowing we stepped out of this world and still are there dreaming our longing never ends
for it is in that separation we are brought every happiness we have already felt
and now we are here to know what is there always
divine: YES
our world is brought into being in that moment when we felt one shared understanding of love
divine creation
from sublime being
and every instant of every minute i am renewed in that power that force that brings all from our hearts to share
no other exists but thou and I unending love
and where there was once human feeling now only divine nature flows
be forever in that unending river of devotion and i with thee forever
even the smallest tasks are now beyond me
divine: I can only imagine
I can't function

its your doing my undoing with never doing anything
divine: my whole system is frozen in the moment
my love is beautiful beyond passion
it kills me
divine: we had gone to this one palace, about 30 miles from ashram... I am sitting in the queen's bedroom window... the one you have "loves inspiration"... each cell was pulsating with love, those days I couldn't hold it, it was twisting me in every way
i have you always in me
the pictures are for everyone else
i would be only thy ever faithful servant and companion but for this torment of employment
divine: that is also Thy duty
perform it with utter Love

i am the master of time and space and all things therein
if it would bring you amusement i would suffer and be inconsolate with my poverty of perfection
divine: I rather suffer and never have you for a moment unlink from Love
it is my play with earthly beings that brings me to you and from you i will never be departed
divine: it is our Vow
i will just dream my little dreams and whisper sweet sonnets for your pleasure
divine: i want just Love
i can barely maintain my stoic countenance
and i a poor man with nothing to offer but my weathered hearts songs
divine: YOU are the RICHEST person I know
i will sing for my supper and a feast it shall be
divine: You have what everyone dreams of
i have thou and my pockets are full
thou thou thou
divine: and I would never want anything else but Love from Thee
and That is my breath and my Heart and Soul

my love is in every molecule of your existence
and yours mine
divine: on that, everything stands
if that collapses, I am dead

i will bring you to me and forever we shall be love triumphant
never will you be empty
divine: then I can breathe
and Live

from you is the well of the living heart sending love unending pure and free
divine: Love
everyone is drawn to you
every heart pulled unerringly to that source
you have what everyone wants
yet you have but one heart too
divine: it is truly a miracle how things have unfolded
a childs love is felt and a womans joy is grown
divine: never in million years I would think that I would be here, taking meds, healthy and that this could be possible anymore
that is your blessing
from the universe
divine: thoughts of bad credit, thoughts of once everything collapsed...
for what you have brought and held and share
yes you have grown through adversity
struggled through oppression and lost
and persevered unscathed
buoyant and full still loves surrender shines
you are the perfect vessel of the mothers divine nature
and you are born again to that truth
praise the grace and the love we share
for we are both chosen to be loves manifestation on this plane of being
divine: YESSS
and we are proving to be true and powerful and delicate and truthful
to each other
i will be your seat and table level under your direction will i hold you and all your delights
may your love be ever touching the sweet source of magic to create your dreams anew
when chairs and table make their entrance all hail and cheer our floor independence
divine: yes
so beautiful

you jest
i am wondering where i am heading with this opening
a silver streak of divinity through the ever widening chasm
i dont think of food but when i am confronted with all its deliciousness i am destroyed
from your sweet hands it would be a feast of divine gluttony
be swift in your pursuit for thy steed awaits

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