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Friday, March 12, 2010


the last elixir of love spent its droplets done and paid
what was this madness i desired with my own life at stake
the mornings come and there is nothing
no life no wife no lover no sun
i am found empty but far from done
this chiseled form and fantasy hangs
on my last chance for happiness
the last path to completion
my exit from this land undone
tonight i feel not uplifted not centered not hopeful,
the slice of life is come with knife attached
whats spent is gone, is new coin to come
or is it the poverty of love thats finally found my heart
my life seems twisted like a building sideways or a picture upside down
i wait until the whiskey makes it turn around
where the dead go and the living come
with every fear they ever knew holding them in place
i would speak my piece and warn them they travel best alone
for in pairs, the monkey face will wreck your heart and home
what is it you cannot keep and cannot give away
the mercury of your aspirations
will melt and dissapate
each monday feels like grave diggers overtime
and the week is longer then a politicians promise
the moneys tight the women a fright
your feeling plowed and down
how is this spirit, being, self above
ever to come home

1 comment:

  1. are you with me or in the possession of "mercury" which Love can't bear.....
    my love wouldst trouble her self to care for my sweet soul and i am forever forgiven in thy confessional of love


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