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Saturday, March 13, 2010

held promised

pray tend me your heart
and let this flesh come apart
for your eyes
divide the hemisphesres
and the areas of my soul
where thinking
becomes light
speeding to the truth
of every memory and scent
imagined moments and feelings
being lifted to the flow
manifesting everything
i have ever known
there is you
and the love we grew
i am marked and counted
as a child
and a boy come to manhood
with every fashion
of aspiration and ascension
now brought through love
and wedded true
to thine love
so pure
and nothing is gone
we are found everywhere
in waiting
in sleeping
in eating the feast prepared
and served for all
for every time we held and felt
what never has been felt before
come again and again
through lifes revolving door
and there you are
and beautiful
in your souls wedding gown
for i am alive and thrown down
at once renewed
and held promised
with your love

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