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Thursday, March 11, 2010


passed beating lights and carousels
crowded boardwalks and green sno cones
we hang like monkeys from the railings
and scream with new found delight
where those times came
and we leapt on boards of speed
and music under every seat
pulsing with fever and fright
then the lights flared
and the bells whistled frantic
and laughter punctured every sight
how long did the dash through haunted fancies
and rides upon winged craft
require our moments passion wait
and left us hanging upside down
coated cooked corny dogs
and syrupy sweet sodas
exploded our mouths laughing
and funny pictures taken
in bad lights and bright eyes
there we were until midnight
and the frying skies still alight
with unearthly passions striking
we waited so long for the music to die
and the last house to go by
lights hidden and darkness bidden
from our expectant touch

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