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Thursday, March 11, 2010

brave fear

gone we are now past the places we have been
past towers of infinity
and red wine like buckets
from the vineyards of heaven
now it is the desert empty
and the winter before the spring
where mountains rise like purpled beasts
covered in snowy mantles
and the air is hoary white
where daffodils were plucked
from reed covered lakes and flowered streams
now heavenly patterns of frozen sky climb
unencumbered to the airy heights

we speak the tongues of new born flesh
and caress our bodies with the oil of the sun
creatures linger in the distant brush
where only low snarls
and the thrash of rabbits
disturbs the silken air
bare night hangs down
with but its edges shown
moons members beam
and the earth sparkles
in its glittered light
and what glimmers more than diamonds
come emeralds in your eyes gleaming
with the stars barest reflections
pale on your browned flesh
and darkened lips

how bare our passion follows us,
waiting in a purring growl of hot menace
every step longer and through ravines
rocky and gutted with thorns
where are we to bed
and be wedded this rough journey
when is the pale blue plane of seeing
become the desperate meaning of too fevered breasts
being inside thy loves secret dreams
and feeling my jeweled fever
holding my flowing truth
to the hearts of the demons passion
and empty this foolish happiness
and brave fear no more

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